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The Red Pill: Start your awareness.
The best subject to let you awake are the attacks on September 11, 2001. Because this event took place in recent history and most of us saw it live on television while many were even direct witnesses. It all occurred in bright daylight and was documented from all directions, so there are many photos, videos and other proofs of this event, which makes it a perfect study object. Take into account that nobody can commit a crime of such a magnitude without leaving evidence all over the place. If we want to trace back the criminals, we can just follow the rats to their nest. Crimes in general consist of at least two parts, the 'actual event' and 'the cover-up', while some crimes also include a third part: 'the preparation'. The "actual event" is often the easy part, 'the cover-up' takes more energy, as the criminal is still active hiding the traces that lead to him, while he actually risks disclosing more information about himself. Regarding September 11, we need to consider ALL PEOPLE involved in 'the cover-up': the destruction of evidence or distraction of the public as members of the criminal network, who need to be convicted for treason and mass-murder. Don't fool yourself by blaming it on a mysterious groups or secret organizations, because they are impossible to convict. We must trace back registered organizations and their henchmen as individual perpetrators, since we can only arrest people or ban organizations that have names and addresses.

Mass murder in Ten Seconds: Fingerprints, science and the hard evidence
We don't need to know all details of September 11 or fall into wild conspiracy theories and long discussions, to realize that the U.S. government is not telling us the complete truth about what happened with the Twin Towers. The U.S. government wrote a final 585 page report called "The 9/11 Commission Report", which says at the bottom of page 305 (or page 322 of the PDF document): "At 9:58:59 the South Tower collapsed in ten seconds". National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) wrote in their report that WTC1 (North Tower) collapsed in 11 seconds and WTC2 (South Tower) in 9 seconds. History Channel mentioned that "the tower that has taken 10 years to build collapsed in 10 seconds". It difficult to measure the exact speed because of the obscuring dust. Seismographs at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, N.Y., 34 km north of the WTC, also provide a fingerprint of what happened at the WTC, making thus possible to calculate that the south tower felt in 9.2 seconds and the north tower in 8.4 seconds.

So how could those two 110 stories skyscrapers collapse in around 10 seconds?  For those 417 meter high office buildings is 10 seconds is nearly free fall speed, meaning the maximum speed at which any object can fall in a gravitational field IF there is no resistance (like air) AND so all potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. If you forgot your first physics lessons about the "The Law of Falling Bodies" you can study this lecture form Caltech and you will understand that heavier objects do not fall faster than lighter objects (in vacuum)! In a gravitational field all objects accelerate at the same rate, regardless of their mass. A heavy hammer and a light feather fall at the same speed if they encounter no resistance, as demonstrated by this NASA experiment in a vacuum, supposedly somewhere on the Moon. The maximal speed (free fall speed) can only be decreased by resistance of other material in between, such as air molecules . We humans use this knowledge of air resistance to create for example parachutes, which slow down the acceleration to safety land people that are dropped from an airplane. A falling object must push aside the air, which consumes energy that cannot be converted into kinetic energy anymore, thus slowing down the object according to the laws of energy conservation. This law is fundamental to classical physics and can never be violated as energy can never be destroyed or created out of nothing. On the other hand if energy is added to the falling object it can come down faster, just like a missile. In case of controlled demolition energy is added to the falling building. The explosion create a vacuum underneath that sucks down the upper floor.

The World Trade Center Towers were built heavily overdesigned for calamities including hurricanes, direct hits by the largest jetliners, and extreme fires. The crumbling of the WTC buildings started in the top segment where the planes had hit the buildings. The falling top section not had only resistance of the air trapped inside the offices below, but also of all massive construction of the lower floors. Falling debris should break down the floor below, to continue its falling. Pushing aside this enormous mass costs energy, that slows down the falling speed. But video evidence shows clearly the opposite: The World Trade Center demolition gained speed instead of losing speed. The result was that the towers came down at nearly free fall speed, which implied that the building opposed NO resistance. Even more disturbing is that this was the average acceleration of the fall, therefore the acceleration was on some moments above the maximum acceleration possible. As the falling rubble did not slow down, some SECONDARY energy source had to break down the floor below JUST BEFORE the floor above could make contact. What was the source of energy that powder most of the non-metal parts in to microscopic dust. Gravitation energy cause objects to fall downwards if no other forces were working on it. Photo and video graphic evidence clearly shows that many heavy steal beams where blown sideward's like this beam that flung 120meter and wedging itself deep into Three World Financial Center on Vesey Street. What energy source caused those large squibs we can see burst out sideward's through only a few sections far below the demolition wave. It's scientifically impossible that a buildings are free falling and in the same time shred themselves to dust, while ejecting heavy beams sideward's with the use of additional energy sources. This rapport entitled "Analysis of the Mass and Potential Energy of World Trade Center Tower 1" gives a more detailed view on those issues and is now in the peer-review cycle.


Ask yourself, what forces blow those heave steal columns, and the dust outwards? Was this this the work of gravity alone? Get yourself a hand of fine dust, and try to throw it 30 meters away, like shown here on this photo.

Already shortly after 11 September people on the internet started to speculate that something was strange about those attacks, and that energy can not be created out of nothing. If the towers came down in free fall speed, it implies that explosives did break down the floors below, and you can not disagree on this point, because it's based on scientific evidence.  Not even Muslims can not suspend the laws of physics. The 9-11 Commission’s Final Report has promised a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11th, 2001, terrorist attacks. It's remarkable that the report doesn't mentioned any of the explosions and this directly contradicts video and witness evidence. The commision neglect deliberately a lot of factual and important information from their final report, and this implies directly that they are lying!

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
Aldous Huxley, English critic & novelist (1894 - 1963)

The report fails to mention the complete collapse from another 47-storey skyscraper that same day. The third building, known as the Salomon Brothers Building or WTC7, was half the height of the twin towers and collapsed at 17.20 NY Time (22:20 GMT/British Time). Most people never heard about this important event because most media did not really draw much attention to this fact. However the BBC World announced on 11 September 2001 at 21:54 GMT that the Salomon Brothers Building had already had collapsed, but at that time the skyscraper was still standing behind the reporter such as their report from 22.07 GMT shows. Earlier at 23.11 Israeli Time (21.10 GMT) CNN reported about a coming or possible building collapse of WTC 7. Salomon Brothers Building, which was never hit by a plane and had a different architecture and construction than the twin towers felt in around 6,6 seconds completely into it's own footprint. This analysis shows that the building is free falling. David Chandler, professor of Physics and member of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth conclude in this video also that WTC7 was free falling.

In May 2002 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states in his report on page 5-31 "The debris generated by the collapse of WTC 7... The average debris field radius was approximately 70 feet... The collapse of WTC 7 had a small debris field as the facade was pulled downward, suggesting an internal failure and implosion.". This page on controlled demolition mentions that "demolishing the building so that it collapses straight down into its own footprint (the total area at the base of the building). This feat requires such skill that only a handful of demolition companies in the world will attempt it.". But if this building was destroyed as result from fire, it was the third steal structure in history, the first two where WTC1 and WTC2. Never before, and never after September 11 a building collapsed in to it's footprint because of fire. Jonathan Barnett, co-Author of the FEMA report and professor of fire protection engineering stated: "In over 20 years I have not seen -- until recently -- a protected steel structure that has collapsed in a fire". FEMA concluded in their report that the building collapsed because intense fires had burned for hours, fed by thousands of gallons of diesel stored in the building. But it said this had "only a low probability of occurrence" and more work was needed. In 2005 the 32 storey (106 meter) Windsor tower in Madrid, which is a steel frame, suffered from a serious fire. Although portions of the building fall down, the tower didn't collapse, and stay supporting a large construction crane on top. Photos from the FEMA and NIST reports shows no significant fires or damage, like a view before and shortly after the WTC1 & WTC2 collapsed. We see some fires at 12.28, around 14.00 on the north side on floors 11-12, around 15.00 on floors 7 and 12 and on 11th and 12th floors of the east face. The south west corner shows damage at floor 18. On 20 November 2008 the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its final report on the collapse of WTC 7. The final report is strengthened by clarifications and supplemental text suggested by organizations and individuals worldwide in response to the draft WTC 7 report, released for public comment on Aug. 21, but the revisions did not alter the investigation team's major findings and recommendations, which include identification of fire as the primary cause for the building's failure. But is this really true? Listen at this video fragment from CNN, closely before WTC7 collapsed, and maybe you can figure out what was the real cause! This is the transcript "It's blowin' boy. Did you hear that? Keep your eye on that building, it's coming down. Move it back here. Alright guys? The building is about to blow up, move it back. We are walking back, there's a building, about to blow up." Danny Jawenko, a Dutch controlled demolition expert says before Dutch television, that he is convinced that the building was blown up. Indeed if a few fires could bring those skyscapers down, why we still need the professional companies who do controlled demolitions? Take in account that those companies need months of preparation to do this? Accurate computer calculation and research of the structure have to been done. Before the collapse weakening has to be done with for example a shape charger, compare this with this photo from the WTC. When WTC7 was pulled there where still fires in it, so it's at least very unlikely that somebody prepared this building with explosives while it's still burning, it must have been done before. And if this was the case, where the twin towers also wired before?

How is it possible without explosives that all the three WTC buildings free fall in the path of most resistance, completely collapse to the ground in their own footprint, and on the same time shred themselves to dust. NY Governor George Pataki explains to Bill Hemmer from CNN at Ground Zero... "And you look, and you see there is no concrete, there is a very little concrete, all you see there is aluminum and steel, the concrete was pulverized. And I was down here on Tuesday, and it was like you was here on a foreign planet, all of lower Manhattan, not just this site, [but] from river to river there was dust powder 2-3 inches thick. The concrete was just .... pulverized.". The dust spread through the city in large pyroclastic clouds. There are only a few situations where such clouds appear, such as volcano's, controlled demolition, and snow in Antarctica floating on hot warm. On September 16 a NASA plane overflew the site and collected data from the temperatures. After five days of cooling and being sprayed with water thermal maps created by the U.S. Geological Survey, shows hot spots on the surface of the rubble that were above 700ºCelsius, above the melting point of aluminum. Many days after the fall the temperature of the WTC rubble was so extreme that Rudolph Giuliani mentioned "rivers of molten steel underneath the rubble" and six weeks later during the cleanup there was liquid metal found. Fires continued to burn far down in the rubble piles for over 12 weeks after the attack, despite the spraying of water on the rubble for extended periods. And what toasted the cars near the WTC?

On September 13 ABC news reported also the lack of building material at Ground Zero and that the dust contained steel. Professor Steven Jones analyzed dust samples, and he also found traces of molten iron and thermite. Thermite is an explosive that can be used for controlled demolition. Jones wrote a reported called "Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?". Jones gave also this lecture on this academic forum. Professor Niels Harrit from the Department of Chemistry from the University of Copenhagen called it before the Danish TV2 News "The loaded Gun". Dr. Steven Jones - Boston 911 Conference - Full Presentation - 12/15/07 So a new question is born, who did place those explosives?

There has been many written about the alleged "911 conspiracy theory" and many movies where made about it. Some are good, some are false but all of the have at least some accuracies. The first one on this issue Painful Deceptions from Eric Hufschmid, although it's old and does not include the new research it's still one you have to see. A very nice documentary that includes many interesting video material is 911 Mysteries. This documentary heavily attacked by Richard Siegel who made the documentary 911 Eyewitness. Siegel wrote the 911Mysteries Guide. Mike Berger from he created the documentary “Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our Republic”. The most scientific approach can is from The Architect and Engineers for 911 Truth made the documentary "9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction". In their the intro they state "this all goes to the support the hypotheses of controlled demolition, it's proved beyond the reason of the doubt". Architect Richard Gage tells us a lot of truth but does he tell us the full story? Be aware that there are a lot of agents who try to deceive you with the truth. Be aware that agents give you a lot of true information, but they try to shift the blame away from the real criminals by blaming it on others?

If you have any understanding of science I urge you to read those peer reviewed reports.

  1. Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction (The Open Civil Engineering Journal)

  2. Environmental anomalies at the World Trade Center: evidence for energetic materials (SpringerLink Netherlands)

  3. Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe (The Open Chemical Physics Journal)




  • The thermal energy from the fires and gravitation energy never can be responsible for this, as some simple calculation show

  • 9/11 FLIR Infrared Camera proves NIST and 9/11 Commission Lies

  • By the twin towers you see the total top section, of at least 10 stories high, shredding itself to dust in mid air. People have to ask themselves the question what forces are responsible for this?

  • Further, have you ever seen a brick disintegrating in mid air into microscopic dust? Even with a sledgehammer it shall take a lot of energy to accomplish this task.

  • Only 16% of Americans believe that the WTC was demolished with explosives, it seems most of the Americans are not smart enough to understand this, or is it just cognitive dissonance. The average Americans can not believe that a government is complicit in a such crime. Beside most Americans are not interested and more like to hang for their television, watch football, Hollywood fiction, or porn, than taking care of their country.

  • Only a few people come forward with some information, like some firefighters, pilots, scholars, scientist, architects and engineers. We need to be careful with judging people. Some people maybe honest, some people maybe infiltrated agents and try to shift away the blame from the real perpetrators. We have to look at for example  this film looks at the events of September 11, 2001 from a scientific perspective. But he can be just another agent who tries to manage the problem for the criminals who really where responsible.

  • The final mystery of 9/11 will soon be solved, according to US experts

  • Michael Hess, WTC7 explosion witness. but he works for the US government part1 part2


  • As we just mentioned before "free falling" implies that all gravitation energy is used for gaining speed and there are no traces from resistance.

  • The Open Chemical Physics Journal

  • peer reviewed journal called "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe".

  • (10m/s²)



Dust and Wars: The murder is going on
September 11 is still creating victims. The 911 workers start to panic, but also journalists, including photographers, are also reporting health problems. Now the issue of the health problems are breaking out, and they are trying to suppress it. There are a lots of attempts to convince us that the WTC dust did not cause health problems. But consider that those clouds of dust were not ordinary "dust", nor was it "fumes". Rather, the explosives inside the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 pulverized the buildings and their contents. The people who breathed that "dust" were inhaling microscopic shards of glass windows, computers, asbestos, mercury, fluorescent light bulbs, coffee makers, carpeting, firemen, toilets, garbage, electrical wires, and other dangerous items. The particles damaged their lungs, cut into their eyes, and caused skin rashes. Some of the toxic chemicals and metals got into their bloodstream, which in turn harmed their liver and other organs or cause cancer. Tens of rescue dogs already died and many rescue works shall do soon too. The desperate (BROKEN) 911 victims only complain about paying their medical bills, not about the suffering which was done to them. Some people hold "vigils", but when will those fools do something productive? This cop need an education, not prayers. George Soros and others are donating to the medical care of the 20,000 sick workers. Soros and others make billions. Is this is an attempt to fool us into thinking these billionaire Zionists actually care for us? If Soros really cared, he would expose 9/11 as a false flag operation. But instead he funds infiltration of the 9/11truth movement. Also John Feal looks like a handler for the criminals, he doesn't care that those buildings were demolished with explosives, and that a war was started as a result. John Feal's foot was hurt during the cleanup of 9/11, but all he wants to do is blame Christie Whitman of the EPA! Is John Feal as stupid or naive as he appears? Or is he using his injury as a way to infiltrate the organizations of sick rescue workers? He supports the sick rescue workers to look for some financial bondage, but not to expose the truth. Here is an interview with a NYPD officer who is dying from WTC dust, he was interviewed by the crew who produced the video Loose Change, and he saw their video. He blames the EPA for his health problems. Remember that  "Loose Change" is created and financed by Zionists, and tries to fool us in thinking that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld are the problem, and we can solve it by simply removing them! "Loose Change" and 99% of the other truth seekers are in fact agents who are working with the criminals, or useful idiots who echo their information around. Their goal is to "get your trust" and guide you later on a sidetrack. The agents have the function of goalkeeper and control the message. Some other are addresses collectors from possible enemies.

11 November 2009: 9/11's delayed legacy: cancer for many of the rescue workers

Pyroclastic clouds spreading dangerous microscopic particles all over NY


Coincidence or Conspiracy?
Some say "I don't believe in a conspiracy theory". What is a "conspiracy theory"? This phrase consist of two words. First word is "conspiracy" and the second word is the active part "theory". A "conspiracy" is "an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.". So many crimes are conspiracies. The active part "theory" is a hypothesis, a supposition, a concept, an idea. When you have no proof, than it is actually a theory. But when you find even the most tiny proof it becomes a possibility. And the more proof you find, the more possible and eventually probable the conspiracy becomes. A "conspiracy theory" lays at the heart of the official government story. Namely, shortly after the attacks George Bush said that Osama Bin Laden conspired with some other Al Qaeda terrorists to make this happen.

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists
---J. Edgar Hoover: 1st Director FBI---


Expression of power and Occult Symbolism can be found everywhere, if you know where to look, but most people are not aware. The one dollar bill has a picture of the Illuminati logo "The Pyramided with the all seeing eye" and The Star of David.

People need to think more critically and don't believe in anything that can not be actually proven by facts. Believing you need to do in a church, not in science or criminal investigations. Conspiracy theories are in general propaganda made by agents or are wild suggestions from useful idiots. And both those groups give conspiracy theories a bad image. Since they marry weird stuffed with truth, for example the website This site mix serious research, and supernatural things, UFO, aliens and crop circles. This is not by accident, this is by design.

The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self-created screen. It seizes in its long and power(ful) tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and every agency created for the public protection."
---Mayor John Hylan, quoted in the New York Times 27 March 1922---

Sure some mysterious theories can be true, but we shall not talk about those in this document before there is any prove. The only fact where nobody disagree about is that the twin towers and building 7 felt with free fall speed. So explosives had to be used, in order to make this happen. You can not disagree with that, because it's based on scientific fact. And so the only question remains is "who placed the explosives?". Also there is many other evidence that explosives where used. But we don't need it, to solve this case. The "10 seconds" is the best evidence we can get. We don't have to argue, what kind of explosives where used, to find out those details is for the criminal investigators. The big question is who ordered to place the explosives! This surely couldn't be Osama bin Laden. So who where in control of 911? It surely wasn't an individual, so it must be a conspiracy. Where it people in the US, UK, Canada, Israel? How we best can define this group of people?

The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes.
---Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court Justice said in 1952---

Who did 911? In 1996 a Hollywood movie was released called "The Long Kiss Good Night". This movie contains a episode about a conspiracy to create a terrorist attack to kill 4000 people in the World Trade Centre and blame it on the Muslims. On 4 March 2001, The Lone Gunmen television show, a spin-off from The X-Files, premiered on FOX. This movie handless about a conspiracy from a small section from the US government to electronically hijack a commercial airliner, and crash it into the World Trade Center by remote control. Which one of those fictional movies was just created as an accident, which did try to warn us, and which was to laugh at us. On 28 June 2001 writer and radio host Bill Cooper said in his radio show from that he expected some gigantic false flag attack to be blamed on Osama Bin Laden. Bill Cooper, who was a former military intelligence officer, was originally promoting propaganda, such as UFOs, but he later he came to the conclusion that he was a useful idiot who was being lied to. Cooper was killed by Arizona police on 5th November 2001, after he finished his radio broadcast. Professor dr. Tatyana Koryagina, is a leading economist and major research fellow at the Institute of Macro Economics Research, which is under the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. She was a trusted advisor to Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. Koryagina gained prominence by accurately predicting the collapse of the Russian economy on 18 August 1998. She also predicted on the 12th of July 2001 in Pravda that we should expect a mayor attack in the USA by late August. In November 2001 she blamed the September 11 attacks on a secret group. She told that these same powerful groups also try to influence the Russian government, and that Putin is aware of the problem and tries to fix it. If such group really exist, we can try to identify which group she means. So on 21 November 2007 Putin gave a pre-election speech in Moscow, Putin did leave no doubt about against whom he is fighting. Putin said: "And who are they? Those, who during decades ruled Russia, and at the end of the 80s let the people without basic services and goods.....These are those, who in 90s by being at high positions caused damage to society and to the country, by serving to the interests of oligarchic structures and stealing the national property.....By one word all those, who at the end of the last century brought Russia to mass misery, general bribery to what we are fighting with still today". Although Putin is very clear on one way, he refers to them in vague terms, like calling them "jackals". Others define them as "rats". So we have to follow the rats back to there nests, to see if such secret powerful group really exist. It seems that there where many people who had some kind of prior knowledge. On 25th July 2001 radio host Alex Jones warned us also about an terror attack in his TV show. Also the Israeli Mossad admits they sent some agents, to document this spectacular event. People need to ask themselves: "document for what purpose?". Israel had very exact knowledge, even the exact times, why they did not warn the American population? And what did the French secret service know? Where the brothers Jules and Gideon Naudet really send to NY to make a documentary about the New York Fire Department (NYFD)?

We very clearly know that Al Qaeda doesn't exist, and is simply a creation of the CIA. The Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces General Ivashov is very clear about that fact, he said "International terrorism does not exist". But anyway maybe you still believe that Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed where the masterminds behind 9/11 conspiracy? Shortly after the attacks National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice said that the United States government would provide proof of this assertion in “due time”. But to this day, no one in authority has ever provided this proof. The FBI most wanted list doesn't even mention the 911 attacks on Bin Laden's curriculum virtue. The FBI says because there is no case against him. Here are some comments from Professor David Ray Griffin who studied the report. Eric Hufschmid has some comments too. The executive director from the 9/11 Commission was Philip Zelikow. Who is this man? Zelikow, the grandson of a Russian Jewish immigrant, who can be considered as a hardcore Zionist, take this in account as we do our further investigation to the question if there was a cover-up.

"I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within." -General Douglas MacArthur
"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, it was planned that way." -Franklin D. Roosevelt

"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." -J. Edgar Hoover

"All men in power should be distrusted to a certain degree". -James Madison


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