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Useful idiots.
There's a fight going on for control of the world, it's a war of intelligence, bribing, blackmailing, deception, murder and strange disappearances. It's an intellectual fight, so if you are an intellectual lightweight, you are going to get beaten badly. If you give blind trust to anybody, you are asking for trouble. Don't be a useful idiot, do some research before you speak. The winners of this battle will be the ones who are smart enough to avoid becoming a victim of deception. Many people can be considered as intelligent such as professors, lawyers, doctors, scientists, engineers and other academics. But most of them have just "the skills" to do their job, almost non of them can be considered as An Intellectual. For example it's no rocket science to explain that the twin towers where demolished with explosives. This can be explained on every elementary school. So why the experts can not figure this out? We need better government leaders and journalists and not controlled puppets. It's doesn't matter why our leaders and media don't tell the truth. Because they are lying or the just don't know what is going on. Simply, don't walk behind idiots. A useful idiot becomes useless if we neglect them.

The New Media
Article 5 from the Protocols #2 of the Elder of Zion announced that the Zionist needed to have complete control over the media to make their goals come true. But the philosophy from those protocols is outdated, because technology has drastically changed the world. By means of computers many people can do what in early time took many people and advance equipment. Today with computers, DVD and Internet its easy to create and distribute of books and movies. This is why computer nerds like Eric Hufschmid could expose the lies about September 11 by the creation of a book and documentary. When Minister Goebbels spoke the words below, he probably was talking about a State who doesn't work as a servant for their people.

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.
---Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda, 1933-1945 ---

Don't fall for the trick that we need secrecy in order to "protect our rights". Secrecy is a necessity for organized crime, and is not an option. Now the truth gets public, things are getting out of control for the Zionists and they start to panic. Germany's Central Council of Jews is considering a criminal complaint against YouTube for allowing videos that promote racial hatred and glorify war. We have to wonder if they do complain also about those videos? With the internet people start to communicate and inform each other. It's not easy to shut down the Internet anymore. Declassified document gives a glimpse into the US military's plans for "information operations" - from psychological operations, to attacks on hostile computer networks. Because the Zionists media billionaires lose there control with the classic media, they now start to buy or control the internet sites, blog sites, encyclopedia's and search engines as Google. Also industry planners are mulling new subscription plans that would further limit the online experience. Governments shall blacklist websites, to keep people in the dark. Another idea is taxation of email. But 90% of the 50 billion daily e-mails are spam, and 200 gangs create 80% of spam, and and some install viruses. They waste our time and money. Why can't any government stop it? For the same reason they can't stop the sale of children as sex slaves: they don't want to stop it because the primary perpetrators are Zionists. And the Zionists controlled organization like the CIA and FBI that protect them. If Iranians were spamming to us, we would have attacked them by now. Sam Zell another Jewish billionaire launches another attack to control. Head of Google Israel refuses to censor hate material on the Web, but what is Google's real strategy? The Dutch have a documentary about Google called "Google: Behind the Screen". The family from Google co-founder Sergey Brin left Russia because of anti-Semitism. Internet giant Yahoo! to follow rivals Google, Microsoft to Israel. The Pakistan Daily complains that YouTube part of the Israeli propaganda machine. Deep packet inspection: The end of the internet as we know it? The European internet is being threatened seriously such as the Amendment 138. The excuse is to control the flow of music, films and entertainment content against the alleged piracy by downloading for free. However, this plan will be used against all Internet users and the access to uncontrolled information. Google's behavioral ad targeting.

Wikipedia presents itself as an online encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute, and whose entries anyone can edit. The idea is that people who are experts in their field will contribute articles, suitably augmented by others who are equally knowledgeable. Wikipedia claims "We are an internet encyclopedia with a neutral stance". James Wales founder and owner of the encyclopedia is a Jewish Zionists, and the moderators openly admit to a pro-Jewish bias. The big bias in Wikipedia manifests itself most often in articles dealing with history or contemporary events, in particular those relating to Zionism as World War II and its aftermath, and to the events of September 11, 2001, and their consequence. James Bacque a historian is asking "why is Wikipedia censoring me?". Professor James Fetzer is also frustrating about their censorship when he tried to improve an article about his own organization. Dr. Fredric Töben is German historian and scholar, that grew up in Australia, and runs the Adelaide Institute. He is noted for his investigation of the Jewish Holocaust. Wikipedia contributors wrote a slanderous page on him, with phrases like "Töben is a monster, who associates with criminals". When he went to refute it, the all his comments where deleted. Wikipedia is continuously edited by Zionist agents, secret services and their Zionist moderators who have strict control. The Zionist Moderators determine that certain facts should not receive publicity, and whenever an "unapproved" fact appears on Wikipedia some editor will come along and remove it. If you try to create a page about Eric Hufschmid or Christopher Bollyn than be sure they shall delete it. This beside the fact that CIA and FBI use Wikipedia to spread propaganda. Wikipedia recently got a $3M donation from the Sloan Foundation, a philanthropy that funds Jewish propaganda. Although even my website often refers to Wikipedia, it is not a reliable source and can not be trusted.

I have just spent several frustrating hours trying to revise and improve the entry on "Scholars for 9/11 Truth", only to discover that my rewrites were being over-ridden by someone at Wikipedia. I find that offensive. The present entry has a warning label stating, "The neutrality of this article is disputed." From what I can discern from reviewing the "Talk Page", persons with scant or biased knowledge of the society appear to be determining the contents. So I agree with the warning but not for the reasons that may have motivated it. Here is what I tried to post in its place.
---James H. Fetzer, Founder and Co-Chair, Scholars for 9/11 Truth---


Internet cables may have been cut deliberately. At least ships did not cut the 5 Internet cables in Egypt. But Stephen Beckert repeatedly comes forward to insist it was an accident. His company provides maps of the cables. He and his company should be investigated. We should ask ourselves who has the ability and the motive besides Israel? It seems that Israel is again trying but failing to start a war and/or economic chaos 

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  • But new technological developments like the Internet let people communicate with each other, discussing, share knowledge and publish unknown documents, photo and videos. For a long time the western people where told that in communistic Russia ideas where suppressed. But now more people get awake that also in the western world, people where trapped inside their own mind.

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  • Even the men who created the internet are beginning to fear its power to destroy our freedom

  • Ever-increasing internet use is causing a drain on energy resources and threatens the future of Google and YouTube, according to experts.

  • Army intelligence officer threw laptops in English Channel

  • Murdoch could block Google searches entirely

  • The dark side of the internet. In the 'deep web', Freenet software allows users complete anonymity as they share viruses, criminal contacts and child pornography. Just another trick to attack your freedom.

  • Wikipedia confirms serial killer of 500 women is of Zionist blood

  • Yahoo Sells All Its Users Private Email Contents to U.S. Agencies for Small Price. After earlier reports this week that Yahoo had blocked an FOIA Freedom of Information release of its "law enforcement and intelligence price list", someone helpfully provided a copy of the Yahoo company’s spying guide to the whistleblower web site

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  • The Jewish hand behind Internet. Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay...

  • Is Israel's booming high-tech industry a branch of the Mossad?

  • Australia plans Chinese-style internet filtering

  • New cyber-monitoring measures have been quietly introduced giving police and Security Intelligence Service officers the power to monitor all aspects of someone's online life.

  • The Chinese government is being sued for $2.2 billion (£1.4 billion) for allegedly copying a computer program designed by an American firm.

  • No internet sex please

  • Telecom firms' fury at plan for 'Stasi' checks on every phone call and email

  • How Google avoided a British tax bill of £450m

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  • The Chinese government has offered rewards of up to 10,000 yuan (£888) to internet users who report websites that feature pornography.

  • Google can search on pictures.

  • US military offers $40,000 challenge to internet users

  • Controversial plans by Google to digitise millions of out-of-print books to create the world’s biggest online library have been approved by British publishing groups and authors.

  • Facebook

  • Is Google Making Us Stupid?

  • Chinese Government seems to try to to hijack email accounts.

  • A Canadian woman on sick leave for depression said Monday she would fight an insurance company's decision to cut her benefits after her agent found photos on Facebook of her vacationing, at a bar and at a party.

  • The search engine giant is worth almost 25 per cent more than its rival, computing corporation Microsoft, according to the annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands report.

  • The book-scanning project "has the potential to breathe life into millions of works that are now effectively off limits", the Department of Justice said, but it objected to the original settlement on copyright and anti-trust grounds.


Sex, Drug and ...... Infiltration: Blackmail and Useful Idiots
Who in the US government wants to silence this DC Madam? Why do these mysterious people care if her customers are embarrassed? And why should we care? Is there more to this story? Two months after this article Deborah Palfrey died. Autopsy results concluded that it was death by suicide, but was this was it? Here some other stories about DC Madams. Kay Griggs is the wife of colonel George Griggs, who was the Marine Corps Chief of Staff, as well as head of NATO's Psychological Operations. Here are some important excerpts part1  part2 of her 8 hours interview that she gave to Pastor Rick Strawcutter. Kay Griggs tell the Z's are in control (audio). News reports often hint about pedophilia in government, but never fully explain it, such as this report which says Kuri has "alleged ties to associates of a powerful state governor" in Mexico. Why did the Zionist media release the homo-porn messages from Mark Foley? Was this because other pressure did not work? It seems that many government officials are silenced by the use of prostitutes, homosexual sex, animal sex and pedophilia. Ex. Senator John DeCamp's book, The Franklin Coverup, exposed the kidnappings and rapes of children, and how this pedophilia was used to blackmail and control government officials. And Senator Barney Frank is endorsing Hillary Clinton rather than facing a police investigation. So does it matter or not who did press "Discovery Channel" not transmitting this documentary "Conspiracy of Silence"? The democrats published a list with the names of people involved in pedophilia. You have to wonder what keeps those politicians busy. And can the republicans also create such list?

How does suppression work? Take the case from former Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter who told us that he couldn't find Saddam's weapons of mass destructions because they didn't exist. But after some strange incident occurs he remains silent about many things. Notice that Scott Ritter was arrested for trying to have sex with a child (that was in fact an FBI-agent). The case was sealed, and Colonie officials declined to release the arrest records. The state Supreme Court Justice Joseph Teresi has directed that sealed Ritter case files be turned over to the feds. If the case against Scott Ritter had no merit, it would not be sealed; end of story!!! So was this another attempt to silence a person? Is he now another blackmailed puppet, lying to us and protecting Israel? In his new book he writes "genocidal forces that brought so much suffering upon the Jewish people in the past century". On 7 February 2009 Ritter was again tricked in some illegal sexual performance. He masturbated before a child who said to him she was 15 years old. But the girl "Emily" turned out to be officer Ryan Venneman from Barrett Township Police. Police Chief Steven Williams said: "We actually were not aware who he was until just prior to the actual arrest". Are those police such stupid, they have investigated the case till November 2009?

Here is an example of a prostitute who talks, she has expand her business to 16 states and Europe. But she talks only about two dozen costumers!!! Were any of the other customers promised protection in return for assisting Zionism? How did she decide who to expose, and who to protect? Have you noticed that human trafficking and sex slavery is increasing? Why we can't easy solve those crimes? What are the police doing to prevent this? Guards Give Drugs For Sex At Women's Prison. This Australian report says the number of corrupt officers is small, but some are long-serving members with extensive influence. The honest police are suckers; they should grow a backbone and do something. This article says that "Operation Pentameter 2" is to free the slaves, not stop the gangs! And a freed slave may be a slave again! Notice the difference, the UK pays the victims, but China's solution is to kill the criminals. US gives money to Israel to stop slavery. Asia is a major source of people to exploit, as this earlier raid shows. The problem is everywhere, such as Vietnam, US, Canada and Israel.

Thailand tries to stop castrations of young boys. Mysterious businesses will help you meet these ladyboys (also known as shemales or kathoey). But before you know you shall become one of the puppets under their control. The story of Josef Fritzl is another in the row of bizarre sex slave stories. A psychiatrist suggests that he suffers from a "power complex" due to an abusive mother. He seems to be an independent psycho, but last year the police tried to prevent an investigation of a similar case on the grounds that it would create a political scandal. In 2006 an Austrian Olympic champion was sent to jail for sex slavery, but that didn't create a scandal, so neither would the other case... unless the police and government were worried that their own use of sex slaves would be exposed! Without any investigation the Austrian police tells us that Fritzl acted alone and they also insist they had no prior knowledge. However, Fritzl went on sex trips to Thailand, so we should consider that he was part of a group of pedophiles who maybe had police protection. It seems that various people where aware or victim of Fritzl's crimes, he even was already in jail in the 1960's for rape. A detail that the Zionist press try to hide is that Josef Fritzl is Jewish, notice also the painted stars of David to his wall. Fritzl hires the high prized Jewish lawyer Rudolf Mayer. Wife suspected. He was sentenced to life in a psychiatric ward.

Brussels European headquarters knows the case from Marc Detroux. So ask yourself what the people in Brussels are doing in the free time, or maybe work time. And is this in our interest? Even the victims' lawyer Victor Hissel in the Detroux case is charged with pedophilia. Does that make any sense to you?

Marc Detroux

 Michel Fourniret and Monica Olivier, ran for 25 years an organized torture and murder business for international wealthy clients. The visitors would come to his gated Chateau Sautou Castle where they indulged their twisted maniacal fantasies. Officer Christian Jambert found a girl wandering the streets of Auxerre that told of a house with a torture chamber, but local police wouldn't cooperate.  He claimed it was an organized ring, and girls were tortured by invited guests. The guests were politicians, industrialists and magistrates, but no one will name them." At least fifty French 'notables' who paid to torture and abuse captive girls was discovered by police and handed over to the Auxerre Courthouse. However, the list mysteriously disappeared from a courtroom and has never been found. It was not the only document that went missing. In fact, there were more than 100 murder and missing person case files from between 1958 and 1982 that vanished from the courthouse. Moreover, the court ledger documenting the investigations also vanished. It became increasingly clear that someone was either trying to cover up the crimes or the Auxerre Courthouse had a serious management problem. Finally Michel Fourniret admits he killed twenty of his victims, but most experts believe it runs into the hundreds. They go on trial for murder of seven women.

Is Portugal a haven for pedophiles? And what about Asia? What happened to Operation Ore in the UK, or Operation Avalanche in the USA, besides a few arrests such as this? Did those convicted pedophiles not obey their masters? Another controlled puppet pastor Ted Haggard said "I bought a sex slave, but I never used him!". Should we believe him, because he speak with the word of god? Is this just a unique case? But don't think that all priests are gay or pedophile, this one is not. Israeli people should know how it feels to be a slave. The Jewish people are gods chosen children, so we should think they behave better than goy. This employee of Israel’s consulate in Atlanta was arrested on charges that he used the Internet to try to lure a minor into having sex. This American firm is in sex trade . But don't worry British Police in now crack down on human trafficking, just like the last time they cracked down on it, and the time before that. Here is another trick which is used to protect pedophiles. And this ex-cop is arrested and jailed for refusing to testify in pedophile case. Has he been intimidated by the pedophiles in the government and police? Or has he really lost faith in the justice system as he said. He he told "He has given up trying to fight the corrupt police and government of Canada." Corruption is extreme! Pedophilia and human trafficking is widespread, and the only way to explain it is that the government is protecting it, and so are most of the groups that investigate or protect children. Policeman are frightened to talk about it because they are risking there career. Government officials rarely get in trouble for pedophilia, and church officials just pay the victims and move to other churches. Joseph Ratzinger who is now Pope Benedict XVI was covered up pedophilia in the past, and even as pope he seems not to have changed his behavior. It's obviously a big network that takes care of itself. This article mentions Romanian orphans; if you don't know about this problem British documentary, Part1 and Part2. After decades of silence, some citizens complain. The silence allows children to be abused and photographed for years, and this girl was told that nobody would believe her if she complained. 

  • "All these rituals of the market for youths, the slave market excited me enormously ... the abundance of very attractive and immediately available young boys put me in a state of desire." says French Minister of Culture and Communication (2009), Frédéric Mitterrand’s bestselling autobiography, The Bad Life (2005)

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  • Orthodox Jewish Community Struggles With Abuse Allegations

Beside human trafficking, modern medicine has given rise to a booming trade in disassembled humans. Sellable human bits are for example kidneys, lungs, pieces of liver, corneas, bones, tendons, heart valves, skin, and more. The business of organ trafficking is done by an international network which is mainly lead by Israel, Jewish crime networks, and China. The organs are brought in by volunteers who frequently die on the operation table, by plundering bodies of kidnapped humans, by slaughtering citizens in NATO war zones, or harvesting organs from prisoner 'farms'. Donors are usually found in Turkey, central and eastern Europe, Caucasus, Brazil, Thailand, Philippines and China. The organs are kept in cold storage and air lifted to illegal distribution centers in the United States, Germany, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Israel, and South Africa. Most transplantations are done by Indian, Thai, Philippine, Brazilian, Turkish, Chinese and Israeli doctors. In March 2008, the Israeli Knesset approved a law intended to regulate organ donations in compliance with Jewish law. The bill was passed with the support of the ultra-orthodox Shas party. Although it's now legal, Israeli Jews have the lowest rate of organ donation of any ethnic group in the country. The Israel Medical Association states that the bill would encourage organ trafficking. Illegal organ trade haunts Israel already from the founding of their state, and "blood libels" haunt Jews for much longer. Even in Israel's first successful heart transplantation, 40 years ago, the heart was obtained through deceit and trickery. Professor Yehuda Hiss, chief Israeli state pathologist at the only Israeli institute conducting autopsies, was leading the unauthorized removal of parts from at least 125 bodies during the 1990s. This Jewish professor has never been jailed despite admitting his crime. Government officials supported his crime, the Israeli Minister of Health said: "He has a sensitive heart", but maybe he has even more for sale. Other Israeli Jews were also released. Nevertheless a few gentiles who work as useful idiots for the Israeli's or compete with Jewish trade were sentenced to jail to boost the country's image. Sweden’s largest daily newspaper "Aftonbladet" published in August 2009 an article containing evidence suggesting that IDF soldiers "harvested" the organs of Palestinians. The article, written by the veteran photojournalist Donald Bostrom, called for an international investigation to discover the facts. Bostrom said: "We know that the need for organs in Israel is large, that an extensive illegal organ moving is ongoing and has been for a long time, that it is done with the blessing of the authorities, the senior doctor at the major hospital is involved, as well as officials at various levels. And we know that the Palestinian young men disappeared, they were back five days later in secrecy at night, sewn up." Israel reacted with outrage and immediately accused Bostrom and the newspaper of “anti-Semitism”, instigating accusations of a modern “blood libel”. An Israeli lawyer sued the Swedish paper in a New York Court. But where there is smoke, there is fire! Atrocities as those are not new, testimonies of Israeli soldiers in 2005 revealed that military doctors gave anatomy lessons using the bodies of Palestinians killed by the IDF. An official report from the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners' affairs says that the Israeli army kidnapped 6200 children since 2000, what happened with these children, and what percentage is disassembled for organs? To elude the transplantation law, many Israelis travel to Eastern Europe, South Africa, Brasil or China, accompanied by Israeli doctors, to perform the transplantation surgery. Wealthy Israeli, American and Russian Jews are currently paying around $200,000 for the operation. Volunteer donors can expect to get about 1% of that sum, and some poor people, like Alberty José da Silva see that as the opportunity of a lifetime. In his case, Brazil authorities say, the organ's odyssey began with two middlemen based in his gritty port city of 1.5 million people: Gedalya Tauber, a former Israeli police officer, and his partner, Ivan Bonifacio da Silva, a retired Brazilian military police officer. According to a Brazilian legislative commission: "At least 30 Brazilians have sold their kidneys to an international human organ trafficking ring for transplants performed in South Africa, with Israel providing most of the funding". In 2004 an Israeli organ trafficking ring was smashed in South Africa, a 52-year-old Jew Ilan Peri, is alleged to have organized at least 100 kidney transplants for Israelis. Nowadays the criminal organizations shifted more of their operations to China, where many prisoners and Falun Gong members are sold for their organs, and to Eastern Europe countries like Czech Republic, Moldova, and Ukraine. The Washington Post reported, in November 2002, that in a single village in Moldova, 14 out of 40 men were reduced by penury to selling body parts. The Ukrainian Echo, quoting the Ukrinform news agency, reported, on January 7, 2002, that, implausibly, a Ukrainian guest worker died in Tel-Aviv in mysterious circumstances and his heart was removed. The Ukrainian professor Vyacheslav Goodin estimated that Israel has imported around 25 thousand children for their organs, based on an anonymous Ukrainian source that went to Israel in search of 15 Ukrainian children adopted by local Jewish families. The source was unable to detect any traces of children. Based on those findings Goodin concluded that the children have disappeared in the hospital, after being "dismantled" for spare organs. Similar allegations coming from elsewhere claim that Moroccans are harvesting organs for the Israeli's from Algerian children. But only accusations and academic studies, without criminal investigation will not bring Israel to justice. Zionist Jews have taken control, in the UN like with Arthur Caplan. Although in June 2009 some Jews have been arrested, including 5 Rabbi's, for money laundering and organ trafficking. We don't know why those people where arrested, it can be that honest Americans became sick of those Jewish criminals, or there could be an internal war going on in the Jewish crime network for power and world control. Rabbi Levy Izhaq Rosenbaum paid donors $2,000 to $10,000 for kidneys, he told an FBI agent: “The price with what we are asking here is $150,000”. This American donor said he got $20,000 for his kidney. In September 2009 another Jewish organ theft gang was busted. Some Israeli were arrested and detained for human-egg trafficking in a fertility clinic in Bucharest Romania. In the UK a pregnant woman murdered and her eight-month-old foetus cut from her womb. Maxim is a lucky Russian guy, as police caught his aunt before she could sell his organs. James Katana came back from the church service in his village in Uganda and found his three-year old son, then still alive, in a pool of blood with his genitals cut off. Moses Binoga, acting commissioner of the anti-human sacrifice and trafficking taskforce in Uganda said: "This year we have had more occurrences of people attempting to sell their children to witch-doctors as part of ritual ceremonies to guarantee wealth and prosperity". Thousands of Africa's albinos are in hiding because dealers can gain $75,000 for a complete dismembered set of albino body parts, as some believe the give "magical powers".

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  • Israel Admits Stealing Palestinian Organs

  • New videotape on Israeli soldiers torturing and stealing human organs disclosed

  • One man said he had clients who had captured children and taken their blood and body parts to his shrine, while another confessed to killing at least 70 people including his own son.

  • Trafficking in Russian Women. Pornography, sex slaves and Prostitution.

  • The non-profit Israel Women's Network estimates that 70% of prostituted women in Tel Aviv, Israel's commercial center, come from the former Soviet republics, and that about 1,000 women are brought into Israel illegally each year. At any one time, as many as 100 women may be awaiting deportation in Neve Tirza women's prison near Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion airport, a prison spokeswoman said. (Elisabeth Eaves, "Israel not the promised land for Russian sex slaves", Reuters, 23 August 1998)

  • A poll by the Women's Network showed 44% of Israelis believed all Russian immigrant women provided sexual services for pay. Illegal immigrants in Israel, who are mostly Russian, are often stereotyped as having brought crime and prostitution while exploiting Israeli laws enabling anyone with a Jewish grandparent to immigrate.(Elisabeth Eaves, "Israel not the promised land for Russian sex slaves," Reuters, 23 August 1998)

  • $53 Million Report Covers Up Pedophile Ring: Pedophile ring allegation not laid to rest by $53-million Cornwall inquiry

  • Akiva Eldar / U.S. tax dollars fund rabbi who excused killing gentile babies

  • Jewish cult makes human sacrafices. Mystery man is a Jewish killer. Oprah Winfrey. A nice Jewish boy, was caught slaughtering dozens of pet cats. Jewish killer slaughters 4yr old in suspected ritual. 3 Jewish Killers Slaughter Latino in Ritual Killing in Pennsylvania. Josef Fritzl an Austrian Jew who imprisoned his daughter, elisabeth for the past 24 years in a cellar, fathered her 7 children, in which one of them died and managed to keep his secret sealed from his wife and family who lives just upstairs (part1 part2 part3.

  • Paedophile checks 'ruining pupils' education'

  • Missing Persons Statistics

  • Why is slavery the fastest-growing industry?

  • Israel: Sex Slavery Thrives

  • The bodies of executed Chinese prisoners are being used in a ghoulish exhibition of ‘plastinated’ corpses, it was claimed last night.


Sexpionage, is a well documented form of espionage, using the human sex drive to gain access to the inner circles of administrations and governments. Woman like Cleopatra, Mata Hari deserve their fame from it. Lewinsky is of Russian Jewish descent, and was an Israeli Agent. Hillary says that there are three lawyers who have actually proven in court it was a vast rightwing conspiracy. Clinton was connected to Bush Clinton involvements in BCCI and their little business dealings in Mena AK. But Clinton ordered the FBI to cease searching for the mole, code-named "Mega". According to a little-noticed passage in the Starr Report, during March 1997, President Clinton told Monica Lewinsky that he suspected a foreign embassy was tapping his telephone conversations. Over 90% of our telecommunications in this country go through a single company called AMDOCS based in Israel. Clinton was surround by Jews in his administration. Hillary Clinton, or actually "Hilda Rosenberg" has Jewish roots herself. Their daughter Chelsea Clinton is engaged to her longtime Jewish boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky who is working as a banker. Clinton-Dov Zakheim, Rabbi Zakheim lost $2.3 till $2.7 Trillion at the Pentagon. And Bill Clinton says 911 was not an inside job. Mossad infiltrate Amercian religion. Onward Zionist Soldiers, Ted Pike,










Blackmail traps with dancing girls as bait

How illegal activities are financed? People like Lewinsky must paid back! They are paid back in money or fame, it can be done by giving them government functions, promoting them to writers, TV stars or movie stars. Those people are now Zionist assets and can be used again in the future when it fits the organization. Money to do illegal operations can easily created. See for example this article where 200 million dollars is set to fund hunt for bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden is a CIA agent, also known as Tim Osman. Afghanistan was the biggest war between Russia and the USA. A Jewish Journalist told another Jewish Journalist that Bin Laden's mother is Jewish. Is this true? And does the media want to believe us he is a Muslim fighter? Osama's brother had a firm called Arbusto together with US President George Bush. Is this not all one big happy family? And was this the reason why they did give Alex Jones prior knowledge of the attacks to railroad the hardhead to a side track? The accountants at the Pentagon claim that they cannot account for $2.6 trillion. Rumsfeld admits that there is 2.3 trillion dollar missing from the pentagon budget on 09/10/01 from the Pentagon. The man at the top of this accounting mess is Dov Zakheim, a dual Israeli/American citizen. In testimony before the Congress, Donald Rumsfeld minimizes it as an innocent mistake: "I know Dr. Zakheim's been trying to hire CPAs because the financial systems of the department are so snarled up that we can't account for some $2.6 trillion in transactions that exist, if that's believable. And yet we're told that we can't hire CPAs to help untangle it in many respects." Dov Zakheim was born in Brooklyn in 1943. His grandfather Julius Zakheim (Zhabinka), born 1870 in the Ukraine and was a Russian rabbi who married a relative of Karl Marx. He was a Menshevik/Bolshevik and played a leading role in the 1905 turmoil that paved the way for the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Dov Zakheim's psyche was formed by his father, who was a rabid Zionist. His childhood was exclusive Jewish schools with summers spent in Israel at Zionist camps, that indoctrinated their pupils. In 2000, Zakheim writes a paper saying Zionists must stage a catastrophic event to start the ball rolling on WW3. He presented it to a Project for a New American Century, a Jewish think tank involved in linking the foreign policies of the United States and the Zionist Entity. Zakheim can also be related to the Flight 77, the plane that never hit the Pentagon. In the past more money disappeared from the government bugged. Such as the rockets who never went to the moon. Now NASA promote Star Wars. Is NASA a group of scientists? Or a Hollywood entertainment show? US taxpayers are we wasting 16 Billion dollars every year on this group?

Investigate report Gary Webb shoot himself in the head, twice!

Investigative reporter, Gary Webb, who wrote many stories linking the CIA to drugs trafficking was found dead of an apparent suicide. He shot his self in the head, twice!!! (notice: Michael Ruppert insist this is possible). As Webb became more involved, his research showed that Jewish interests were the ones really controlling the South American drug trade. Webb was working on a new book that exposed the real masters of the drug trade, when two Mossad agents paid him a visit. Israelis train private armies of Colombian drug cartels and death squads. Farmers sue DEA for right to grow industrial hemp. Arnold Schwarzenegger just stopped an attempt to grow it in California. Lebanese TV reports "Jews use drug trafficking to control world". Is this to insult the Jews, or does this really make sense.


  • Journalist deaths hit record in 2009: report

  • Computer technicians have found 22 million missing White House e-mails from the administration of President George W. Bush and the Obama administration

  • Madoff fell out of bed, injured. Really? Mr. Madoff, who is serving a 150-year sentence in a federal prison.

  • 2 men shot in legs outside LA synagogue

  • The Kissel Brothers Were Both Murdered

  • U.S. man who gave secrets to Israel spared prison - No Jail time

  • which is led by Michel Chossudovsky who is a Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), doesn't tell uss the truth about Zionism. Why? Maybe because Michel Chossudovsky is Jewish?

  • The Spy Who Loves Us: Pay no mind to the Mossad agent on the line.

  • Carrie Prejean told the world that the Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender movement was wrong, and infuriated everyone. Then, she refused to do nudes for playboy, and the pressure was on. Next Donald Trump fires her, she sues for a one million, and suddenly a masturbation tape of her as a teenager 'Going solo' emerges, and she drops the lawsuit. After Larry King Brutalizes Christian Beauty Queen.

  • Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy ahead of sex abuse lawsuits

  • Evangelist Tony Alamo sentenced to 175 years on sex charges

  • Widespread child sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Dublin was covered up for decades by senior clerics, a damning report will say

  • Malcolm X was bisexual.

  • Orthodox Jewish sexual abuse

  • More Irish bishops quit over abuse scandal

  • Tal-mood for love: Sex-tape rabbi tries to 'share' hottie

  • How the Vatican sold its soul. A new book by the journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi lays bare a history of political bribes being paid through the Vatican's central bank.

  • Limor Livnat, who is an Israeli Knesset (parliament) member, has told Benjamin Netanyahu that Condoleezza Rice and Tzipi Livni have sexual affairs.

  • Zoophiles love and have sex with animals. Will the world ever accept them?

  • Officer says she was charged with adultery for reporting fraud

  • Joe Conason: Sen. Lieberman Literally in Bed With Drug Lobby

  • Sex Traps. The use of homosexual sex and child sex to blackmail government officials. US Republicans   US Democrat

  • Calif. GOP lawmaker caught bragging about affairs

  • Barack Obama has previously admitted to drug use when he was younger.

  • Obama brother accused of UK sex assault

  • Silvio Berlusconi admits suspected pimp brought women to his home

  • Sibel Edmonds - Is congress blackmailed?

  • Wikipedia ordered to reveal identity of 'editor' accused of blackmailing mother and child

  • Did Tiger Woods pay to quiet one alleged mistress?

  • Jackson Sued Over No-Show

  • A leading bankruptcy attorney representing hedge funds and money managers told ABC News Saturday that Steve Rattner, the leader of the Obama administration's Auto Industry Task Force, threatened one of the firms, an investment bank, that if it continued to oppose the administration's Chrysler bankruptcy plan, the White House would use the White House press corps to destroy its reputation.

  • Childporn, Homosexuality and Blackmail    video1  video2 more more more more

  • Porn star Stormy Daniels challenges shamed Republican in Senate race

  • Like in every marriage there are fightings between man an wife. Jews also fight internally on the best position. Eric Hufschmid makes this short movie about it. Are the "Banker Jews" now fighting the "Zionist Jews"?  Was Spitzer exposed for revenge? And why was this federal judge exposed? Callgirl Ashley Alexandra Dupre linked to Charlie Sheen. Sheen paid $20K for her, because she wasn't worth $40k, and McGreevey let a man have sex with his wife for free.
    Her page has lots of photos. The investigators of this crime, such as ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and NYC detective Jim Rothstein, can't solve it. If you don't know much about this issue, here is an interview with John DeCamp


  • A secret network of organised child sex traffickers is operating within Britain, according to the charity Barnardo’s.

  • Networks of men may be grooming hundreds of British children for sexual exploitation, the charity's latest survey suggests

  • The Mormon church and Boy Scouts of America were named as defendants in lawsuits Monday claiming childhood sexual abuse by youth leaders decades ago.

  • Orthodox Jews Confront Pedophilia In Their Ranks

  • The story from a kidnapped Australian child

  • Airport security chiefs have been banned from subjecting children to a controversial new X-ray scanner that produces ‘naked’ pictures of passengers because of legal warnings the images may break child pornography laws.

  • Jewish "Preacher" Tony Alamo convicted of 'marrying' girls for sex. Tony Alamo (nee Bernie LaZar Hoffman) was born in Missouri to Jewish-Romanian

  • Mother charged with possession of child pornography for taking photos of herself breastfeeding!

  • Jewish leader arrested for child porn

  • Body of child 'sold as prostitute by mother' found


  • Polanski's house arrest is a splendid captivity

  • Woody Allen a Jewish Pedophile

  • Irish church and police covered up child sex abuse, says report

  • Ireland: 373 girls of schoolgoing age raped in one year

  • Leader of Brazil Homosexual Movement Under Investigation for Pedophilia

  • Irish Daily Mail: Pedophilia and the dark heart of the EU’s parliament

  • Former Jewish community activist facing child-porn charges. Surkis, 69, is the former Quebec Regional Director of B'nai Brith Canada, a Jewish advocacy group.

  • Paedophile checks even for those not working with children

  • 52 children rescued in US prostitution sting, FBI says

  • Zionist Jew Roman Polanski faces threat of trial for unlawful sex with 13-year-old girl

  • Priest says Polanski deserves community service - the fact the holocaust survivor had forcedly rapped a child should be forgiven

  • A Swiss court has accepted film-maker Roman Polanski's plea to be freed on $4.5m bail from a Swiss jail where he is being held for a US child sex case.

  • Girl, 5, sold into prostitution by her own mother hunted by U.S. police

  • Marriage of Saudi Arabian girl, eight, annulled

  • Polanski Begins House Arrest - in ski resort.

  • Mormon group's trial grips Texan town

  • A victim of a predatory paedophile today recalled her disgust after she was repeatedly trafficked around the country and forced to have sex with different men.

  • The Campus Rape Myth


  • John Wilkes is known as the assassin of Abraham Lincoln, but who was he?

  • Holloway Murder

  • Gang 'killed victims to extract their fat'. Peru's 'human fat killers' were invented to cover up deaths

  • Google founders' mentor found dead in swimming pool. Another Zionist murder?

  • Kung Fu star David Carradine died 'when auto erotic sex game went wrong'. Or was this just another murder.

  • Top UK cop murdered? Or suicide?

  • A nurse came into the victim's room to find the Hasidic Jew Yakov Kramer allegedly standing over the elderly man's bed

  • What is going on with the UK cops? Michael Todd who was investigating secret CIA flights killed himself. Some reports are already trying to convince us that he was psychotic or suicidal. Was it murder? Niel Munro is now the 3rd dead UK cop in 4 days. Todd and Munro send strange text messages before killing themselves. Take in account that Valerie Plame is Jewish. Is there again a honest NY police man killed?

  • Six eminent doctors have launched a legal action to reopen the inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly in an attempt to prove he was murdered.

  • Egyptian said to have spied for Mossad dies in fall from flat


  • US cracks down on border drug trafficking

  • Two elderly Israelis arrested in 12.5 ton marijuana bust

  • Wealthy Rabbi Baruch Chalomish 'offered cocaine for sex'


  • Madoff secretary claims fraudster was over-controlling and sexist

  • A new lawsuit alleges that convicted swindler Bernie Madoff financed a cocaine-fueled work environment and a "culture of sexual deviance,"


  • U.S. Government Funds $400,000 Study on Gay Sex in Argentina Bars


  • Who Brought the Slaves to America?

  • Israel sex slavery thrives

  • 107 slaves were released in Mexico City after having to work 16 hours a day making shopping bags.

  • Slavery and the Making of America - Episode 2.  2001 Idaho Observer:



  • To pretend sex slavery doesn't exist is silly – thankfully, men who pay for sex with a trafficked woman can now be charged

  • Drug and people-trafficking tunnel is found


  • Homosexual Agenda and the Jews behind it

  • Kabul U.S. Embassy Guard: Sexual Deviancy Required for Promotion , photos  video

  • Harvard University is to create an endowed professorship in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies, the first of its kind in the United States.

  • Anger grows over 'paedophile checks' on parents who volunteer to help with children's activities

  • Psychiatrist Dr. Abe Dreyer lead From His $12 million Dollar Mansion. This Jew would typically charge $100 for each prescription, issuing them without conducting a physical examination as required by law.

  • Britain's ambassador for schools in Europe sacked over child porn charges

  • Class supervisor 'who had sex with pupil' is FIFTH member of staff charged with having affair with students

  • Children as young as five to learn about masturbation

  • Watching grown-up TV 'makes children more likely to have underage sex'

  • More than one in four 13 year-olds have admitted they send and receive sexually explicit pictures of themselves via mobile phones alarming new research has revealed

  • Where Has Feminism Gotten The American Woman? Confessions of a feminist.

  • Outrage Over Homosexual Net Sex 'Game' For Kids

  • Sex education for five-year-olds to be made compulsory in schools

  • Girls accept gun running and rape as price of joining violent male gangs

  • 'Gay' day coming to California public schools?

  • Secondary school bans skirts claiming girls are hitching hems to get boys' attention

  • US woman 'offered sex for World Series tickets' on Craigslist

  • Man Charged After Making Coffee Naked

  • Sexual Frigidity Is Caused by Feminismscine

  • Feminism is Key to the "Making of a Slave" They promote it.

  • Adam Guerbuez (nee Greenberg?), and his company Atlantis Blue Capital, was ordered to pay $880 million for violations of the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act. In March and April, Adam Guerbuez sent four million emails advertising drugs and adult products to Facebook users. He managed to compromise users' accounts and send messages to their friends and Wall posts asking them to visit certain websites selling those products. Adam is a second generation holocaust survivor, claims an IQ of 142, and lives in Montreal, Canada.

  • A new report is raising alarms that the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, a homosexual advocacy organization founded by Kevin Jennings, now head of the U.S. Office of Safe Schools for the Obama administration, is recommending XXX-rated sex writings for children as young as preschoolers. The report said "We were unprepared for what we encountered. Book after book after book contained stories and anecdotes that weren't merely X-rated and pornographic, but which featured explicit descriptions of sex acts between preschoolers; stories that seemed to promote and recommend child-adult sexual relationships; stories of public masturbation, anal sex in restrooms, affairs between students and teachers, five-year-olds playing sex games, semen flying through the air," said the report. "One memoir even praised becoming a prostitute as a way to increase one's self-esteem. Above all, the books seemed to have less to do with promoting tolerance than with an unabashed attempt to indoctrinate students into a hyper-sexualized worldview".

  • Videogames: I knew I had to stop when I wanted to kill real grannies. Computer games fan 'planned school massacre'. Are you kids playing this too?

  • Just bad taste and sick games as this pole dancer, masturbating tarzan, kissing sweet, Lightning Reaction Revenge

  • Lessons about gays will be compulsory from age of 11

  • High School officials assign Gay porn
    A Gay Jew wrote the book, and other Jews publish it, promote it, and make a movie of it. Months ago a teacher complained it was made into a play. The groups complaining may be controlled by Jews, also, as we see with 9/11 "truth groups". What would our schools be like without Jews causing trouble?

  • Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America'

  • Which of those bizarre adverts are just fun, which of them are real?

  • Games: Video game's gay love scene stirs controversy

  • Majority of teachers don't want to promote 'brainwashing' patriotism to pupils

  • Reports that Tiger Woods has engaged in extramarital affairs prompted a U.S. lawmaker to end his campaign to award the golfer a congressional medal.

  • The Vatican Bank is under investigation for alleged involvement in a money-laundering scheme using accounts at one of Italy’s largest banks, according to a weekly investigative magazine.

  • Where Has Feminism Gotten The American Woman?

  • Wichita abortion provider George Tiller shot to death at Wichita church



  • how much are those infiltrated?

  • A German family man died after a bizarre sex game - and his life insurance company has refused to pay out

  • One third of world's population has tuberculosis bacterium

  • Japanese man who survived two atomic bombs dies at age 93

  • CDC Report Shows Dangers of Black Males

  • Jorge Haider Was Assassinated

  • Drunk Nicolas Sarkozy , Vladimir Putin, George Bush,

  • British woman 'arrested in Dubai after being raped'

  • Pakistan President has assets ‘beyond his means’ of $1.5 billion

  • Labor organizations are controlled by the bankers. Andy says: "If we cant use the power of persuasion, we will use the persuasion of power."

  • The families of heroin and crack users lose an average of £9,741 each year due to theft, lost pay and clearing the user's debts, according to research by the UK Drug Policy Commission

  • Brian Jones, found dead in 1969: Police reopen inquiry

  • The forensics expert hired by David Carradine's family has concluded that the "Kung Fu" actor did not commit suicide, but said that more information was needed from Thai investigators before the cause of death could be determined

  • Fundraiser said he OD'd before he died

  • Lyndon Johnson feared arrest after the JFK assassination. Madeleine Duncan Brown, who was Lyndon Johnson's mistress, confirmed the conspiracy to kill Kennedy on New Years Eve ('63-'64). The Irish Mafia, list of people. Did Israel Kill JFK?

  • 3 ZANU PF ministers knew about Tsvangirai accident the day before

  • Christian’ Zionist John Hagee has an airstrip, jet plane and crew, paid for by Israel


  • Two American girls, believed to be aged 12 and 14, are being hunted by police over a bank robbery. 'Godmother' Xie Caiping, who was sentenced to 18 years' jail. Ireland Politico Has Love Affair With A Teenage Boy

  • "Jeff Gannon's" secret life

  • Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM)

  • Bush

  • Swedish man executes two teenagers a a friendly judge lets him off

  • Gay Activist Kills Lover During Sex Orgy

  • George Weber was a rising Jewish star in New York broadcasting but was killed during rough sex with a 16 year old boy.

  • U.S. man evades jail time in 'mysterious' case of spying for Israel

  • Robert Fisk: The mysterious case of the Israeli spy ring, Hizbollah and the Lebanese ballot

  • US scientist charged with attempted spying for Israel

  • Spy v spy at new supreme court as MI5 secrecy is put to the test

  • Are Alstom and Veolia controlled by Zionists?

  • The rate of children aged 2 to 5 who are given antipsychotic medications has doubled in recent years, a new study has found.

  • American teenage girl allegedly stabbed a man with an ice pick in a dispute over a parking spot.

  • Chicago public School with 800 girls, and 115 of them are mom or pregnant.

  • Woman, 98, indicted in death of 100-year-old nursing-home roommate

  • A New Jersey woman whose false story about a gang rape sent an innocent man to prison has pleaded guilty to perjury

  • Chimp babies are better behaved than their human cousins (and they smile more too)

  • member of the Hitler Youth, and he cover-up Now he is pope she

  • 18% Americans Have Seen Ghosts: Many Americans haunted by ghosts, look to astrology

  • Roman Polanski was held at Zurich airport on a US warrant for having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977. Roman Polanski’s family yesterday praised the role played by Nicolas Sarkozy in securing the film director’s release on bail after two months in a Swiss prison. The French President “has been very effective” behind the scenes, according to the film director’s sister-in-law Mathilde Seigner, as Mr Polanski prepared to move from a cell to house arrest in his luxury chalet in the exclusive Alpine village of Gstaad. Zionist from the same camp.

  • Danish Students Raped At Israeli Kibbutz.

  • Doctor who treated Tiger Woods faces FBI investigation into doping claims

  • MI5 'still using threats to recruit Muslim spies'

  • Street gangs

  • Parfumed rats.

  • Khanverse

  • Ayn Rand (Rosenbaum) is one of America's great mysteries.

  • An increase in reality TV programmes, self-help guides and confessional autobiographies is leaving young people feeling increasingly “vulnerable” and unable to cope with normal pressure, it was claimed.

  • According to German news Agency “dpa”, the deputy leader of the largest Jewish organization in Hungary has announced his resignation after being arrested because of the theft of wallet at a gas station. The incident was confirmed on Thursday.

  • Senator Orrin G. Hatch, a solemn-faced Republican with a soft spot for Jews and a love of Barbra Streisand, has penned a catchy holiday tune, “Eight Days of Hanukkah.”

  • Mormon Senator Writes Jewish Songs. The canon of Hanukkah songs written by Mormon senators from Utah just got a little bigger

  • Dumbest Generation Getting Dumber


  • Fistgate: The teacher claims that there is “no way” that Obama’s Safe School Czar did not know about the pornographic and sexually explicit material that was presented and discussed at the conference. Kevin Jennings is the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

  • Two young Female Mossad operatives recently hospitalized in psychiatric hospital in center of country.

  • Brains of psychopaths are different

  • China has 100 million people with mental illness

  • Murders committed by people with mental health problems rise

  • Doctor accused of masturbating in front of school girls

  • Farmers sell wives after crops fail

  • Japan's new First Lady Miyuki Hatoyama: 'I went to Venus in a UFO'. Is the Prime Minister of Japan Yukio Hatoyama merely tolerating her? Or is he attracted to her because they have compatible mental disorders?

  • I have been abducted by aliens, says Japan's first lady

  • There are still many idiots and liars who promote UFO's

  • Gary McKinnon, another UFO promoting idiot, "I'm retarded, so let me commit crimes!"

  • More idiots: UFO spotters are claiming they have spotted an alien skull on Mars after NASA beamed back satellite images from the planet.

  • A registered sex offender attacked 14 women and killed 11 of them, leaving their remains in and around his home

  • David Tarloff Is Known As The Meat Cleaver Murderer. His victim, Kathryn Faughey was alone in her upper East Side office when the madman walked in Tuesday night carrying two bags that contained potential instruments of torture - the cleaver, knives, rope, women's clothing and slippers, tape and adult diapers. Not only did Faughey face off with her killer, Kelly said, another woman was alone with the madman for as long as 30 minutes before he unleashed hell.

  • Mother decapitated newborn and ate his brain, Texas police say. Mother says devil made her stab and decapitate her baby

  • Girl died after father turned to prayer instead of doctors

  • Naked pictures of French first lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy set for New York exhibit

  • Hollywood's Latest Spin On Jack The Ripper

  • Harvey Glatman was an American serial killer ("The Lonely Hearts Killer"), active during the late 1950s. Harvey was a Jewish boy who was born in the Bronx. He was an amateur conman and sex offender as a teenager, breaking into women's apartments, where he tied them up, molested them, and took pictures as souvenirs. Glatman was in prison for 8 months in 1946. He was arrested in 1958, caught in the act of kidnapping what would have been his fourth murder victim, and confessed to the other three murders. He was found guilty of first degree murder and executed in the gas chamber of San Quentin State Prison on September 18, 1959

  • Saving the idiots.

  • McDonald's will put full resources behind gay agenda

  • Israel recruits gay community in PR campaign against Iran

  • The Zionist Media and the Jewish Singer Adam Lambert proudly pronounce "the gay kiss". Is this where we are waiting for on TV.

  • Jeff Gannon, a man with no journalism experience secured White House briefing room press credentials (April 3, 2003).

  • New Johnny Gosch photos





  • Oprah Winfrey's getting her kink on with a steamy new cable series about a sexually curious LA housewife.

  • Columbine - Did Zionism Actuate Klebold And Harris?

  • FBI arrest four in alleged plot to bomb Bronx synagogues, shoot down plane. Useful idiots arrested.

  • The 2008 Massacre At Illinois University. The University Shooter Stephen Kazmierczak was a Polish-American Jew

  • Avram Grant Receives Death Threats... A hoax?

  • Who is controlled opposition and who is not?

  • parents in 1934. Tony Alamo trail & Neo Nazi's

  • 100-year-old child molester to be freed

  • Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren moves out after reports of mistresses

  • Is The Comex The Next Madoff Disaster?

  • Madoff secretary claims fraudster was over-controlling and sexist

  • Ruth Madoff to Bernie Madoff: "The Gentiles Are Responsible For This!"

  • The Global Oil Scam: 50 Times Bigger than Madoff

  • Rothstein Ponzi scheme. Scott Rothstein, a Florida lawyer, was charged with using his law firm to run a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme.

  • How Scott Rothstein Spent "His" Money. Scott Rothstein Kept Personal Stripper

  • A rise in pyramid and Ponzi fraud schemes

  • A former manager of an Iowa kosher slaughterhouse that was the site of a massive immigration raid was convicted Thursday on 86 financial fraud charges that could bring a prison sentence of hundreds of years.

  • Lieberman 'facing 31 years in jail' as corruption probe winds up

  • Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s 2000 Conference Promoted ‘Fisting’ to 14 Year-Olds

  • Worst Serial Killer

  • Gerry Adams the president of Sinn Fein reveals family's abuse by his father

  • Corneliu Vadim Tudor says Michael Ringier is Mossad Agent.

  • Charlie Sheen has been arrested in Aspen, Colo., on felony charges related to alleged domestic violence. Charlie Sheen's Wife Claims Knife Threat in Assault

  • Tiger Woods. A kid from nowhere finds sudden success, and gets taken in by a few groupies. The Zionist news media hounded him to the point that his mother went to the hospital with chest pains. He knew at that point, that he either drops out of golf, or they would destroy his entire family.

  • Canadian Church helped fund ‘anti-Jewish’ group

  • “George Soros is an evil man. He’s anti-God, anti-family, anti-American, and
    anti-good.” —Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

  • Soros Money Financed Communist Van Jones

  • Jason Bermas = shill or retard? A straw man argument is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position. To "attack a straw man" is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by substituting a superficially similar proposition (the "straw man"), and refuting it, without ever having actually refuted the original position.

  • The shills are getting desperate.

  • Devout Muslim dies after savage beating by 'race-hate' gang

  • Alex Jones is working with Charlie Sheen to Push America way from Israeli 9-11 Guilt!

  • Why 1 in 5 boys can't write own name after year at primary school. Hawaii Starts 4-Day School Week to Cut Costs

  • Also this Chinese scientist Zhang Yifang tries to deceive us in this interview, because UFO's (space ships with aliens) don't fly around us. They are only promoted by the Media. So lets beter call them JewFO's.

  • Royal Navy warship almost fires on UFOs - Idiotic news

  • Children traumatized by 'War of Worlds' abduction of teacher

  • Pediatrician Molested Babies And Toddlers

  • Hacker granted review on extradition ruling

  • Annett, who exposed the murder of Indian children in church-operated residential schools in Canada, was beaten in Vancouver

  • Rabbi Demands Sex In Exchange For Conversion. How a New York rabbi tried to remake the rules on converting to Judaism, until a sex tape—and a family feud between his wealthy backers—brought him down


  • Michael Jackson was born as Jehovah Witness but converted to Islam

  • Was the death of the King of POP a natural death? Or another sloppy murder that went wrong? But why would anybody want to kill Michael Jackson? There are many murders in Hollywood. Listen to this conversation where Dirk Benedict talks to Michael's brother Jermaine about "hundreds of murders in Hollywood". So be sure that also Michael Jackson had a lot of enemies. Although one of Jackson's wives was Jewish, a lot of Jews were upset with his "anti-Semitic" remarks. Jackson said in 2005: "They suck … They're like leeches. … I'm so tired of it … It is a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose." Abe Foxman from the ADL responded "It is sad that Jackson is infected with classically stereotypical ideas of Jews as all-powerful, money-grabbing and manipulative,"

  • In 2008 Jackson said in front of  a London audience he wanted to end his relationship with Sony and become independent. But the people who control the entertainment business do not want entertainers to be independent. Rather, they want to use them as a source of money. They create stars and they break stars. He also said that Tommy Mottola, a top executive of Sony Music Entertainment, was a devil. Tommy Mottola who is converted to Judaism was married with Mariah Carey. Jackson said also that she was also disgusted with him.

  • The circumstances of his death didn't absolutely look like a homicide, but the media and police chief Bratton are forced to admit that possibility. William Bratton will become a Commander of the British Empire on 9-11-2009, and he is married to a former ADL executive, so don't expect the truth from him.

  • Michael Jackson 'was killed by his personal physician Dr Conrad Murray'. Nathanael Kapner, who claims to be former Jew wrote this about Jackson.

  • They're also doing damage control on Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix was murdered by his manager, says former roadie.

  • Mark Cuban's brother and lawyer Brian Cuban attacks Facebook over Holocaust denial groups. Notice that Mark Cuban is a Jewish Billionaire who is behind the Hollywood production of Loose Change. Jews often change their name to something less Jewish. His real name is Chobanisky. On his website Brian tries to explain why there where so many Nazi Jews. Further he has a page where he promotes the holocaust. Many Zionist Jews are making a fortune by titillating the sheeple with gambling, sports, pornography, and drugs, this is a wealthy crime network.

  • Filmstart Marlon Brando says to Larry King in April 1996 that "Jews control Hollywood", here are some some Jewish Hollywood stars and more and more and more. Famous Jewish Woman and more beauties

  • "They suck... they're like leeches... I'm so tired of... they start out... the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything. End up with... penniless! It is conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose." --Michael Jackson

  • An amazing interview with Dr. Klien Michael Jackson's personal dermatologist goes into detail as what really took place. Dr Klein is Michael Jackson's children Dad? Kids. “[Debbie] Rowe has complained to friends that she does not want her children, Paris and Prince, exposed to the Nation of Islam. . . . She has told these friends that she is Jewish, and that the children, by birth, are Jewish, too.” Michael Jackson lived his whole life surrounded by Jews

  • Official: Michael Jackson was murdered. Michael Jackson’s death has been officially ruled as murder, it was revealed on 10 January 2010. The cause of death on the 50-year-old’s death certificate has been amended to ‘homicide’ after months of speculation. According to the document the King of Pop died from ‘acute Propofol intoxication’ due to an ‘intravenous injection from another’.

  • Michael Jackson was murdered: Death certificate amended by coroner after police investigation



Intelligence, Information Warfare and The Murder of Intellectuals
Has Israel begun targeted executions of US citizens? Consider that in every war the intelligent and courageous people are killed to leave behind the stupid and cowardly, so those can be enslaved. Also the Bolsheviks killed anyone that could unite and lead the people. Notice the remark that "eighty percent of Ukrainian intellectuals were shot". The Haaretz mentioned that intelligent Ukrainians were killed by millions. The Jewish police NVKD go to a University, gather up any of the faculty, then bring them to the Lukianivka prison in Kiev prison. The intelligentsia was tortured and then shot in the neck. The same happens now in Iraq, were secret organizations care that there is a maximal destruction of a country. The Jewish controlled western media lets us think that the Iraqis are fighting together. Or that the CIA is behind it all. But it seems more that Mossad hit squads murder the Iraqi scientists and academics. The Israeli Mossad already slaughtered at least 530 Iraqi scientists and academic professors. If you still have any doubt about Israel's part in today's Iraq massacres, read this. Iraq is a very dangerous country with all those snipers. Did you ever ask who those snipers really are. These videos are too 'Hollywood'. The video footage was taken by a Video-cam that was tied into the rifle. Watch the way the video jumps from the rifle's recoil. Robert Fisk, who is also pressured to be more honest, writes in this article "Iraqi academics targeted in murder spree". Many people are already killed in service of the Jews state. An Israeli Secret Agent was in late 1940 responsible for the murder of at least 100.000 people. Understand that Nazism and Zionism are two sites of the same coin. Jews are great murderers, among the greatest known by modern history. Criminal activities of Jewish Zionist terrorist groups, and especially the Jewish Defense League. Particular emphasis is given here to terror -- including murder -- against "thought criminals" who question the Holocaust story that six million Jews were systematically killed during the Second World War. And who is in control of those petitions who tries to stop them? Or are those lists just name collectors from the people who oppose there policies.

 Education is dangerous - Every educated person is a future enemy
---Hermann Goering - Hitler's Reich Marshall ---

In 1995, a German professor, Dr. Werner Pfeifenberger, published an article about the "Jewish conspiracy," beginning with the 1789 French Revolution. He claimed that the Jews declared war on Germany in 1933. Karl Pfeifer, who edited the Austrian Jewish community newspaper, responded with an article in which he accused the German professor of underrating the crimes of the Nazi regime. Now Karl Pfeifer cleared of causing suicide. Why should we believe the professor committed suicide? The mysterious assignation from student Michael Zebuhr did raise some questions by Eric Hufschmid. Later another young truth seeker died for not obvious reasons.

In this interview from Podcaster Prothink, Eric Hufschmid explains to be careful in trusting strange people that offer to help you. Jewish people have been taught, from birth, of their superiority and need for cohesion. This is also why they now have such large control over our world and it resources. Be aware that Jews often hide their identity, by changing their names and their noses, or changing their official religion.

Don't get fooled by the deception.

A Russian "businessman" Viatcheslav is complaining about xenophobia, but he wants us to hate Iran! He is also the president of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC). Al Bawaba promotes his propaganda because it is a Zionist site, and not Arabic! Mark Saunt is the Gulf Director Al Bawaba. Realize that the Zionist control most of the news in the world, also in Iran and the Arabic countries. Even Al-Jazeera is under Zionist control. Never trust any Caucasian Muslims, most of them are Zionist agents. Some of those agents provide us with good information, but don't let fool yourself by them. One of them is Dr. Sahib Bleher, her is his website, he also an author on David Pitcock is Party Leader of the Islamic Party of Britain. He wrote this book, but why to spread hate? Other Jewish Muslims are Mohammad Rafeeq, Professor Kevin Barrett, and Kee Dewdney? Some Jews act even very strange, like Daveed Gartenstein-Ross who is a Jew, but then he turned to a Muslim, then Christian, now to an Al Qaeda expert, what he will become next? God? Former MI5 officer David Shayler, became an 911 truthseeker, than started to study Jewish mysticism, and now he becomes God. People who practice Judaism in secret, so called crypto-Judaism, are referred to as "crypto-Jews". The Sayanim is a Jewish person, that can be called on to assist another Jew. Sayan is Hebrew for helper. From every Jewish person is expected to be a potential agent, in varying degrees. Because of this Sayanim thousands of Jews who are living outside Israel volunteer to provide assistance to the Mossad. According to Victor Ostrovsky this is one of the reasons why the Mossad can operate with fewer case officers than fellow intelligence agencies. Ostrovsky is ex-Mossad katsa who wrote a book called "By Way of Deception". Ostrovsky seems tells a lot of truth. But can we trust him or is he just a part of the deception? There are many of the truthseeker and internet sites who try to decieve (BROKEN) or want to believing in crazy things. The 911 movement is almost completely dominated by Jews who try to take control and try to shift away the blame to Bush. Do you understand why the Jewish intellectual, MIT professor Noam Chomsky can still not understand 9-11? Is he really such stupid or does he try fool us? Notice that the Jews accuse him also from anti-Semitism.

“I put some pictures of a mosque on my website, and I say 'praise Allah', and now the fools believe that I'm a real Muslim!”

The 911 movement is almost completely Jewish and push out the non Jewish. The criminals who created the problem and now try to take control on the solution. They simply want to be and stay in control. This strategy "Create the Problem, Offer the Solution" is also known as CTP OTS. If you want to identify a criminal nest, follow the rats. If you found one rat it's easy to discover the more of them, by seeing where they linking to or promoting. We should investigate everybody in the 911 movement.

The Jews - the Jews are, are born spies. You notice how many of them are just in up to their necks?
---Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States---

Espionage by Israel is not new the Pentagon GAO Report Israeli espionage and illegal technology retransfer already 10 years ago. This spy is finally arrested after 20 years! But why arrest him now? Are some US officials starting to rebel against their Jewish masters? We must be very careful with all technology coming from Israel such as telephone centrals, voting machines, search engines, and email. Those Israeli criminals tap with there technology us, our police and our government. It's good that the NSA keeps track of those criminal activities from Israel and the Zionists around the world. NSA is National Security Agency it is believed to be the world's largest intelligence-gathering agency. This Agency is much more bigger than the Zionist controlled and promoted CIA and FBI. Many Zionist "Whistleblowers" as Sibel Edmonds and Bill Weaver are complaining that the NSA is spying on normal citizens. Coincidence? Israel is a state, that is involved in all kinds of criminal activities? [BROKEN]

Jess Waugh who doesn't want to blame the Zionists interviews Hufschmid on 8 April 2008. Shortly after the file and his total website were removed, possible for giving Hufschmid publicity.

Eric Hufschmid collaborated for 2,5 years with Daryl Bradford Smith. Smith was the radio host and Hufschmid his webmaster. The site where he still worked with GCN. The site announced it does not longer work with GCN. Now site is totally changed by the new webmaster, and Eric Hufschmid still maintain the previous website. Smith and American who hides himself in France didn't want that his real identity became public. Rumors appeared that his real name was Daryl Setter. After Bollyn mysteriously disappeared, a photo from Smith together with Bollyn appeared Bollyn's website. Before tried to hide his identity was anonymous person with no face. His radioshow The French Connection he interview many interesting people. Most of those people later accused to be Zionist Agents. Accused Person where John Kaminski, Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani, Eustace Mullins, Michael Collins Piper and many, many More. The also attacked organizations like The Barnes Review, America Free Press (AFP), White Supremist, Anti War Parties and almost every truth seeker. Logical that Hufschmid was accused of dividing the truth movement. People are trying to find connections between Eric Hufschmid and Rupert Murdoch, or to prove he is a gay or Jew. Karl Schwarz threat to sue him, and also Rumor Mill News hints suing him.

Christopher Bollyn en Daryl Bradford Smith together in France

In September Eric Hufschmid blamed Smith was a person who did try to control him. Hufschmid suspect that Smith was a Zionist Agent all the time. On September 7 a message is posted on the the name of Christopher Bollyn which said "I don't even know Daryl, except as a voice on the telephone." The day after Eric and Daryl had some private conversations on the phone (1, 2, 3, a4, 4b, 5). Smith reveals in these calls to Hufschmid that he has a criminal record and that he is ready to kill Eric if he does not do as he is told. He demand from Hufschmid to "Slam Bollyn every way you can". Daryl Bradford Smith made on 28 October and 8 December some comments  1, 2, 3, 4. Smith and Hufschmid accuse each other for being agents. Smith works now together with a lot the people from RBN that, the same people that he accused before to be Zionist agents. Hufschmid is seldom asked for interviews on the alternative radio stations anymore. Here is one from Kevin Barrett where Eric explains how he is pushed back. His name is often misspelled as Huffsmid, Hofschmidt, Hoffsmit by the people from the 911 truth movement to avoid hit on his website. domainname scam, only shows records from 2007.

Sites that promote UFO, Aliens, crop circles and other crazy theories must be considered as Zionist shells, or useful idiots.

In the past politician promised us to create a better world, but those dreams failed and today people have lost faith in ideologies. Now politician have discovered a new law to restore that power and authority. Instead of delivering dreams politicians now promise to protect us, from nightmares. They say that they will rescue us from deathful dangers we cannot see, and we cannot understand. And the greatest danger of all is international terrorism, a powerful and sinister network with sleepers cells, a threat that has to be fought by "the war on terror". But much of this threat is a fantasy which has been exaggerated and distorted by the politicians, it’s a dark illusion who just spread unquestioned to the governments across the world. But like all other promises this one shall finally fail too, and they have to find a new way to keep their power and authority. So maybe this is why they prepare us for an aliens invasion? Remember when a rock was found in Antarctica, and NASA claimed it was from Mars, and that it showed signs of life? Are NASA scientists really that stupid? Or maybe, they preparing us for the idea that aliens really exist on other planets. Zionists websites like this claim that NASA is hiding evidence of life on Mars. But it looks more evidence that the Mars rovers are in the Australian desert. Also the low quality photos of US spacecraft allows liars such as Richard Hoagland to claim that there is life on Mars. But a European spacecraft shows that the "face" on Mars is just dirt. The Mars rovers previously showed evidence of water and hot springs, and photos have the wrong colors (LINK). Sure, it's very unlikely that we are the only life in the big universe. But it's also very unlikely that we shall ever meet with different form of life. On 30 October 1938 there was a radio broadcast from Orson Welles, which gained wide notoriety. It was a radio drama based on the book The War of the Worlds from H. G. Wells. The radio program caused a lot of panic around the listeners, some listeners even committed suicide. But the panic from this radio broadcast was planned, it was a psychological warfare experiment conducted by The Princeton Radio Project. The Rockefeller Foundation funded this project in the fall of 1937. And this book was written afterwards, "Invasion from Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic. Was this for example another photo op or a psy op? Has money from NASA or the Star Wars program been secretly used to develop alien spacecraft? Would that explain the sightings of strange aircraft around some military bases? Is this why they have such secrecy at "Area 51" and at NASA? They might be hoping to someday have the technology to fake an alien spacecrafts. If they could create a realistic alien spacecraft, then with Hollywood's assistance the wise aliens could land on the earth, tell us to put away our weapons, and follow their orders. The "aliens" could conquer the world without a fight. Or perhaps dropping nuclear bombs, and tell us that the aliens are attacking us. Pravda implies flying saucer was to bomb Russia. UFO are mainly promoted by Zionist and their Hollywood propaganda. So we better can refer them as JewFO's. Why do aliens fly around at high speed, and then suddenly make 90° turns? Why don't their navigation computers ensure the spacecraft make smooth, gentle turns? If aliens are so intelligent and technically advanced, why do they behave in stupid manners, such as creating geometric shapes in crops? Any why are the crop circles usually in Britain? Is it a coincidence that a British company, Circlemakers, creates crop circles for a fee? Why did the aliens rape Whitley Strieber? Did they really travel all the way from another solar system for this? What they find such exciting about Strieber? Any website who marry "strange conspiracy theories" together with "real conspiracies" must be considered a Zionist shill, or an useful idiot. Actually it's doesn't matter why somebody doesn't tell the truth. Simply don't follow leaders who deceive you, who are idiots, or who are still in the dark themselves. Don't make any excuses for them. If you go to a restaurant, do you eat soup which contains 20% dog food? Why not raise the same standards for information? It simply doesn't matter that they tell 80% truth, if 20% is to railroad you to a sidetrack. Don't make excuses like "maybe they don't know", if they don't know let them study or advice them to go to do something different. Raise standards for you teachers and leaders. Don't follow idiots, else you become one yourself. Sites who combine truth with false information give serious sites like this one a bad image. The believe in aliens is like a religion. Scientology is considered a cult in many nations and they teach believers that humans is an exiled race from outer space. One of his members John Travolta demands nobody mock his cult. German official demands John Travolta get lost. A video of their street fair shows their fear of cameras.