War of the Words

A study of real history - deception & world conquest

by Carlo Vogels



Puzzling Facts: If you want to become an intellectual, then stop behaving like an idiot!
This booklet is an introduction to world history from the perspective of the problems that we face today and we might face in future. It will shine light on dark places, and it will give you a better view on what is really going on in the world. This story will bring facts to your attention that were omitted, bagatelized, not highlighted or artificially created in the official version of the news, and later grew out in the official version of history. In general newspapers and other media outlets have no investigated journalists, they buy their world news exclusively from news agencies. Reuters, Associated Press, AFP are the three largest agencies and provide together almost all the world news for every newspaper in the world.

News is that which comes from the North, East, West and South, and if it comes from only one point on the compass, then it is a class publication and not news
---Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) British statesman and Prime Minster---

The knowledge most people have actually comes from few resources like TV, newspapers, magazines, a few books and other people. People generally rarely question what they are told is true. But no matter what cause, this article shall expose that our media and schoolbooks are repeatedly lying to you. They promote hoaxes, lie by omission, and highlight wrong or idiotic issues to deceive the human population by fraudulent or incomplete information. The generated propaganda spreads through society like a virus what infects the human brain, regardless your intelligence, victims are are among journalists, politicians, policemen, military personnel, teachers, academics, engineers, scientists, professors, same as housewives and the working class. Most people protect their computer information better from destructive and evil intruders than they protect their own brain. More concerning is that people are not even aware that they could be infected, the are in a state of ignorance. The "infected" people start to function like "useful idiots" and then become a new source of infection. In computer jargon this infection phenomena is known as a zombie.

The Silence of the Lambs

After reading the complete booklet you will better understand the world in which we live, the problems it faces, and the mechanisms of manipulation, control and power. This is a story about philosophy, science, history, psychology, social structures, money, liberty, media and control. This story handles current issues like the economical crisis, global warming, terrorist attacks and issues of recent history like communism, the world wars and the moon landings. This story helps to deprogram yourself, and it will likely change your current belief system forever, so you will understand in the future more quickly what is going on and who is likely to blame for it. Once you are a pickle you can't ever be a cucumber again.

Wow! And I thought I was mad!! You've made my day! Thanks!
---Email from a reader of this booklet (30th April 2008)---

The title of this paragraph sounds maybe rude, but it's not meant to offend you, but merely to awaken you from your illusions. An intellectual can be discribed as a person who tries to use his or her intelligence and analytical thinking. Zygmunt Bauman said it this way: "The intentional meaning of 'being an intellectual' is to rise above the partial preoccupation of one's own profession or artistic genre and engage with global issues of truth, judgment and taste of the time".  An idiot, on the contrary, is originally defined as an "adult uneducated or ignorant person". Later, in the early 20th century, the term "idiot" also became also used in medicine and psychology as a level of mental retardation, I don't refer to this last usage, although society as a whole maybe suffers from mental retardation too, as most educated people trust their educational books, the news and history nearly blindly and don't raise critical questions, and they often condemn people who do so.

Ninety-five percent of the work of the intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation, which is widely propagated in the mainstream media creating an accepted version of events. Journalists don’t even raise the simplest questions, those who differ are labeled as crazy.
---Andreas von Bülow: who oversaw the three branches of the German secret service.---

Albert Einstein once said: "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance", and it seems most people have those precognitive skills. I shall refer in this booklet to such people as useful idiots, as anyone who is not part of the solutions is part of the problem. Remarkable is that the useful idiots classify the intellectuals as paranoid, even though they haven't seriously researched the aspects themselves. This is why Jeremy Jennings and Tony Kemp-Welsh wrote in their book: "Although some intellectuals may attempt to gain acceptance and recognition in contemporary society, according to Edward Said this has been virtually impossible, as the …real or 'true' intellectual is therefore always an outsider, living in self-imposed exile and on the margins of society". This booklet contains many information you can use in intelligent discussions with your friends, on a parties, and even strangers you meet. In 1961 the American President John F. Kennedy has asked our help to informing and alerting people about the important issues mentioned in this booklet.

A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get.
---Ian Williams Goddard ---

Every populations create their own society, and they maybe deserves that kind of government they have, especially when they have elected it. For ages governors know that most people simply don't want deal with the bigger issues. Those people feel insignificant and assume that somebody else better could deal with the problems of mankind. Some of those people often refer to themselves as the common people or the working class. In their conversations they regularly refer to "my boss" and "your boss". In the Roman Empire they used the political concept known as "Panem et Circenses" (bread and circuses). This strategy has proven itself over time as an efficient instrument to keep the population occupied by means of food and entertainment such as public baths, gladiators, exotic animals, chariot races, sports competition, and theater representation. The policies of the second half of the twentieth century are more technological advanced but direct at the same aim: to reduce the mass of the population to passive and easily manipulated audience. During the time of the Soviet Union poems, literature, sports and theater where largely promoted and popular under the population. Today's western societies are kept busy and distracted with football, television, computer games and McDonalds. The rulers know that as long as the average men has access to easy food, sex, entertainment and artificial wars (read: football) they don't rise up and don't ask to difficult questions. For rulers it's rather easy to enslave a dumped down society, because people shall not easily rise up. But the common people have more power than they realize. Creating debt trap is another powerful strategy of keeping people in line. Only a few people can tomorrow say "good bye" to "their boss" and start working for their own Mercedes. Most people don't realize that they are victims of such a form of modern slavery, that has debt as bondage.

Debt is the slavery of the free.
---Publilius Syrus (1st century BC)---

If you realize that debt is a claim on future money, and money is a claim on human labor, than you know debt is actually a claim on future labor. But it's even worst than that. Years ago most women had no income and the man alone was able to feed a large family and pay the mortgage. Nowadays humanity is helped by computers, robots and other advanced technologies which should make our lives a lot easier. But society is only struggling more and more. A couple with an average income can hardly afford to buy an average home. People should wonder what happened to the value of their money and their freedom! Society is trapped in a rat race and people start to run faster as others start to run faster. If you can't match the norm and fail, because of the workload and stress, you can be medicated till you feel good again. In 2007 the British television documentary maker Adam Curtis produced a three part documentary series called: "The Trap; What happened to our dream of freedom", that explains this issue closer. Almost every morning most people are rudely awakened by their alarm clocks instead of waking up in a healthy natural way. They quickly eat and run to work, and in the evening they almost fall asleep in front of their TV. Every working day looks the same only during the weekends they are free to take care of their personal issues. And it all continues until their retirement. In his book "The Corporate Rat Race", Paul Ulasien writes that 107 million people work for corporate America and 85 million are unhappy with their jobs. He further concludes: "No matter what you do in the rat race, success is not guaranteed, but if you do nothing failure is".

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.
---Lily Tomlin---

People in general procrastinate, they not live today, and try to live tomorrow. They have "saved" money for their retirement plan and for other future issues. Saving for the hard times is a known strategy that is common in nature. But what of our today's savings are protected against the upcoming crisis? Greg McCoach explains in this speech that most people are not aware what is going on today, because they do not understand anything about history and money. People generally classify "love" and "money" as part of the most important aspects of their life. But isn't it remarkable, that both subjects are not taught on schools? Some people try to rely on people who call themselves financial experts. The problem is they are in generally part of the system, and where taught inside the system. Most of those financial experts do not even understand fundamental concepts like: "where does money come from?". If those financial experts really could create more money for you and their banks, why their banks are running into trouble? After studying this article you shall have clear answers on all those questions and more.


Educate yourself and connect the dots.............
This booklet relies not on any secret information or wild unverifiable theories, all information is from public sources like newspapers, books, online documents, documentaries, speeches and interviews. Most truth is hidden between the lines of the so called official sources. News papers do actually still tell a lot of truth, they can not lie all the time about all the facts, because everybody shall notice, what they just do is spin it around on sophisticated way. Their lies are often from crucial importance, their art is to shift away the attention from the important issues and the important persons. Their method of operation is to create a few very big lies, and make everyone believe in them. In some cases governments can even limit the freedom of speech about some issues. But why should we refuse serious historians and scientist to look in or discuss some historical events? Truth can stand on it's own feed, and don't need support by law.

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.
---Adolf Hitler ---

Don't underestimate the rulers and the media, they have for centuries experience in the psychology, propaganda, and tactics in deceiving large populations. They know not to lie about the smaller issues, because people can quickly understand small lies. In this booklet I zoom in on important issues that mass media and historic books are presenting. You shall see that the real truth and lies are in plane site. Some people ask me why I wrote this booklet. In 2003 I started to collect some links because some of my acquaintances asked for more information during my conversations with them. Later I placed those links online instead of emailing them, to save time, because people keep asking me the same information. Later I decided to organize those links, and even later I wrote this booklet containing. Here are some links from recent news articles. The information in this booklet comes directly from the news articles, so you can check the facts for yourself and you can see that this booklet is not build on quicksand.

I'm not a historian and I don't pretend to be one. I have my academic background in science and engineering. I wrote this article on my own behalf (not being a member of any political or activist organization) and for educational purposes only. I dissociate myself from conspiracy theorists, anarchists, patriots, racists, Marxists, communists, Zionists, neo-Nazi's, white supremacists and other groups and people I don't want to be identified with. As I shall explain in my chapter "The Masquerade Party" many of those groups are part of the criminal network and they are filled with bribed, blackmailed and naive people. Many of  those groups are useful for the rulers as their aggression and language is used to create new laws and policies, and those limit the freedom of society. In my document I often refer to homosexuality, but I want emphasize that I have nothing against any form of sexual behavior as long people do respect those life's who are involved. The same opinion I have about any religion this include Christianity, Islamism and Judaism. Till some decades ago homosexuality was not widely accepted under the population and in some countries even forbidden by law. This result in the fact that people who where engaged in homosexual acts easily could be blackmailed over this. Homosexuals are merely victims, despite the fact that they where offered good positions in politics, governments, military, media and companies. Today homosexuality has become more accepted, and it's more difficult to defame or control someone with it. Instead pedophilia is a more effective way to control people on high positions. Minority groups are easy to manipulate and tricks are used to convince them that they are not accepted and hated by society. Small ethnic or religious groups like gypsies or Jews, for example these Israeli children where scared to dead, and told to avoid contact with the local population when they visited Auschwitz in Poland.

The question "why are things as they are" has always driven my life, and boosted my learning. I spend some of my time reading books, listing to audiobooks or watch some selected documentaries. The issues I mention in this article are not my main interest. I'm only watching the game, trying to understand what is going on outside my home and familiar environment. I try to educate myself on all issues like science, technology, business relations, personal relationships and the difference between men and women. While studying and collecting information I stumbled in 2003 upon a documentary called "Painful Deceptions", from Eric Hufschmid, which handled about the odd aspects of the September 11 attacks. You don't have to be an intellectual to realize that there is something strange about those attacks. At least Hufschmid raised some legitimate questions that require answers. I started to search for additional information to get these answers. I also collected interesting news and start to organize the facts, which finally resulted in this booklet. As soon as I connected the dots, the fog started to raise and it gave me a clear view on the world. I realized that my new worldview explains historical and today's events much better than my old classic view that was taught on schools and by the media. It seems the goal of schoolbooks and media is not to provide us with honest information. So I asked myself: "what is their real goal, and who is in control of all those liars?" I wrote this document because I couldn't find anything equal on the internet, but I could find the peaces of the puzzle. Some of my acquaintances value this information right from the very beginning. Although some did disregard it, but when they noticed that I was right about some facts, for example concerning the crisis in the banking system, that I predicted years before it happened, they became more interested. We never know what shall happen in the future. But it likely we can expect a major crisis between 2010 - 2015, the collapse of the housing prices with 50-80%, a crash of the dollar, the end of capitalism, civil war and the end of the USA, a new worldwide monetary system based on honest money (such as gold and silver). Just read the article and you shall be prepared.

I strongly advise you to save a copy of this article on your local computer or other better an external storage media. This document is NOT copyrighted, you are allowed to save it and spread it in any form you like. This booklet is still in concept, the most updated version can always be found or downloaded on this website. If not found there, it should immediately raise questions, and you should feel free to contact me or other truthseekers for more information. You can also contact me if you find any broken links or if you notice any incorrect, incomplete or unclear information. 

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The medieval Judeo-Turkic Kingdom Khazaria has disappeared from today's world map. Its existence is actively suppressed in today's education. But its legacy is fundamental to understanding the world we live in today. This photo shows me in the centre of this former Kingdom, close to its capital Sarkel.




0.1. If you want to become an intellectual, then stop behaving like an idiot!
0.2. Educate yourself and connect the dots.............
1. WHAT IF....everything you know is wrong?
1.1 The Truth Will Set You Free: Preparations for a journey through real history? 
1.2 Learn to think yourself!: Resisting the learning of new information.
2. Thinking outside the idiot box!
2.1 The Red Pill: Start your awareness
2.2 Mass murder in Ten Seconds: Science and the hard evidence
2.3 Dust and Wars: The murder is going on
2.4 Coincidence or Conspiracy?
3. Who rules the world?
3.1 Fractional Reserve Banking: The origins of Money and Banking
3.2 Controlling the Minds of the Masses: The rule of the media
3.3 Distraction and Obstruction: Puppets and Politics
3.4 The Masquerade Party: Defamation and controlling resistance and the alternative views
3.5 Corporations: The Three P's: People + Planet + Profits
4. World Events - Wars and the Holy Land
4.1 European Tribes: Neanderthals, white skin and red hair
4.2 The Holy Land: Gods chosen people - Jewish tribes and their origins
4.2 Roman Empire
4.3 Ashkenazim versus Judaism: Khazaria and his legacy 
4.4 The Holy Land as a Battlefield; Crusades, Knight Templars and banking strategies

4.5 Secret Societies & Symbolism: Freemasons, Illuminati
4.6 The British Empire & The English Civil War: Global Power & The Goldsmith Bankers
4.7 The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars
4.8 Control of the US: The American Revolutionary War & Civil War
4.9 Raise of Zionism: Der Judenstaat and anti-Semitism
4.10 The Great European War: The Destruction of the Ottoman Empire & The Armenian Genocide
4.13 Zionism versus Communism: A Jewish revenge and consolidation
4.14 Zionism versus Nazism: The final solution "A new homeland"
4.15 Suppressing history: Zionist controlled press, thought crimes and the freedom of speech
4.16 Kosher Nostra: Israel as centre of operation
4.17 Fact or Fraud: The NASA Moon landings
4.18 Russian Federation: Oligarchs and infiltration
4.19 European Union: Terror and Infiltration
4.20 False Flag Operations, State Sponsored Terrorism and Secret Services
4.21 Zionism versus Expansionism: Greater Israel and World War III
4.22 The New Atlantis: The End of American Domination
4.23 Order out of Chaos: The FEMA Concentration Camps
4.24 One World Government: Paradise or Communistic Dictatorship?
5. Information Management
5.1 Useful idiots
5.2 The New Media
5.3 Sex, Drugs and ...... Infiltration
5.4 Intelligence, Information Warfare and The Murder of Intellectuals
6. A better world!